Tuesday, April 26, 2011


Two miraculous things happened while I was watching 'Glee' (no, I'm not one of those fans: I just happen to be a former glee club singer who loves musicals. And Puck.):

a) The kids on the show made me actually enjoy Lady Gaga's 'Born This Way' and gave me second thoughts about getting excited about her new album,


b) I discovered this:

That, my friends, is Wendy Brandes' (new?) owl necklace. I first discovered Wendy a few years ago, through Erin and quickly became hooked, going to her website every so often and reading her always-educational blog as well. There've been a few pieces of jewelry (mostly necklaces) that have caught my eye, but nothing as gasp-inducing as this owl. A necklace with the face of a barn owl, people! An owl! It's no secret that I love birds of prey and while vultures are my favorite birds, owls come a close second. I've wanted a pet owl for over twenty years, ever since I read Gerald Durrell's My Family and Other Animals. My top dream tattoo involves an owl. I have a stuffed owl (no surprise) named Aristides. I really love owls. And I really want that necklace.

But at $5,500, I will probably never own that necklace. But man, oh, man, it's one of the most awesome things I've seen on the internet in a long time. An owl necklace, people! 


Oh, by the way, thank you all for the kind words on yesterday's post. I'm really excited about getting a steady paycheck again and not relying solely on tutoring for pocket money. Your wonderful comments and encouragement really made me even happier. Thank y'all! 


  1. That necklace it totally adorable, now I want it, too! $5,500 is out of my price range by about $5,400, though.

  2. I know, right? But it's so much BETTER than any other piece of owl jewelry I've seeeeeen!

  3. It really is, it puts my owl necklace to shame (and I actually like the one I have, but this one looks so cuddly and puffy) I have an issue where I see animals and want to hug them all (even if they're not all that huggable)

  4. I'm delighted you discovered my (not new) one-of-a-kind owl! The face is rock crystal, the beak and eyes are onyx (carved in Germany) and the handmade 18K gold setting came out so beautifully that I turned that design into a separate look of its own: the Lotus Necklace. You could sort of get a taste of the owl with that: http://www.wendybrandes.com/store/products.php?product=Lotus-Necklace-%252d-Silver

    Of course, nothing is as cuddly as the original owl face. :-)

  5. I've seen this necklace in person... it's FAB!
    So much more incredible than a photo.

    Oh, and Puck.... agreed!

  6. Thanks for commenting, Wendy! That necklace is superb. I'm so glad you make wonderful things like this. And it's funny - the lotus necklace (with the sapphire!) has been the ONE piece for quite some time that I keep on looking at on your site and planning to buy... Maybe after my first paycheck comes in!

    Oh, stacy, now you're making me even MORE covetous!

  7. You know, I currently have 20% off all items under $250. It runs through May 6. So if you're considering the lotus, this is the best time! Deets here: http://wendybrandes.com/blog/2011/04/people-stylewatch-brings-you-a-20-discount/

  8. Ooooh, gonna go investigate and do some math RIGHT NOW...