Saturday, February 27, 2010

My new favorite color

Last night, I was walking down the street with my husband when the window display of the corny jewelry store around the corner from our home caught my eye. There was a beautiful turquoise ring, just a big chunk of rock on a silver base, sitting there and I purred. "What a pretty ring!" I cooed. And then I reminded my husband that our four-year anniversary (of dating) was next week and that I really liked that ring.

[I might add that I went back to it today, tried it on, had it put aside, and my husband has already bought it for me and has it "hidden" in his closet, not to be seen till next Sunday.]

Anyway, it got me to thinking about turquoise and how much I love it. Last summer, in Greece, I noticed that a lot of the jewelry advertised in magazines and store windows was turquoise. Now I'm not one who notices style or predict trends, but even I realized that maybe turquoise was something that would be rather popular in the near future.

Before this summer, I owned one or two jewelry pieces of that color. Now? My collection has grown exponentially (and it continues to do so, apparently!). I bought a lot in Greece during the summer, some stuff in Banana Republic this year, not to mention my cream/turquoise scarf from the Indian stand at the Prudential Mall while Christmas shopping. Incorrigible:

Behold my collection as it now stands, resting atop my scarf. Except for the pendant [gift] and earrings [Banana Republic], on the far left, everything else is from my summer trip to Greece, bought in one fell swoop from an Accessorize store in Athens. The latter pieces are not the best quality, but they are so fun and colorful that I always get comments when I wear them. I can't wait to add the new ring to the collection.

On a side note, I wore clothes today. Here they are:

Sassy! What would Tyra say about my lack of a neck? Also, you finally get to see my first pair of Frye boots in action. I heart 'em.

Well, it's a Saturday evening, my husband and I have been invited to three parties and are attending none in order to have dinner alone at home. Have a lovely weekend.

Blue boots: Frye Veronica Slouches, by way of Zappos
Black jeans: Bulldog by Urban Outfitters, remixed
Polka-dot dress: American Apparel

Sunday, February 21, 2010

How I wore it: at least they're not formal shorts

You may have noticed that for the last couple of winters, people have been wearing ... shorts. SHORTS. In the middle of WINTER! And I've only lived on the East Coast, where it gets COLD. I first noticed people outside of celebrities do this on the streets of New York in very early 2008. When I told my (extremely fashion-forward) best friend about the sighting of a woman wearing actual SHORTS in FEBRUARY, she shrugged and commented that she had done that herself (over tights, of course -- that's what we're talking about, people, yes?).

I was kind of hooked since then.

I've noticed more and more people do it since then, both on the internet and in real life. S. of Academichic rocks the shorts-over-tights + boots look, especially now in Germany. The lovely Erin of Work With What You've Got has recently been joining the shorts-in-winter trend and looking fantastic. La Historiadora de la Moda over at Fashionable Academics gave the look a try the other day and decided that it wasn't for her.

In October, I found a pair of tweedy shorts at the Gap and I kind of fell in love with them. Now you have to understand: I don't even wear shorts in the summer. I prefer to wear skirts in super-hot weather, but not shorts. I have a thing about my legs and I believe that skirts are more flattering, and look more put-together. So the fact that I was all mushy about these shorts (for the WINTER?!) was even more surprising. Much to my shock, when I sheepishly showed them to my husband at the store, he insisted I get them. So ... I did. I've only worn them a couple of times and today was one of those days. We went to a couple of open houses of places that we saw yesterday with an architect friend and I decided that I was tired of looking as if I were in mourning. So here goes:

So here I am, wearing my BRIGHT (it's practically glowing) orange sweater, what with the shorts, tights, and Greek boots. This sweater has magical powers. The first time I wore it at work, everyone mentioned something about how I was "actually" wearing color, from the lunch lady, to my students, to my BOSS. So I think it's pretty powerful. I like that it's not super-tight, if it ever was, and that it's stretched out to look a little slouchy and boyish.

And, of course, here's a desk shot:

I kind of enjoy the "perching on the desk" shots.

Anyways, here's my own interpretation of the shorts-in-winter look. I've usually worn these shorts with these boots and my bright yellow stockings, but today I decided to go more muted and only wear the neon-brights on the top, where I could be safely covered up by my coat.

The color of my winter wool coat, you may ask?


Orange sweater: Gap
Tweed shorts: Gap
Brown / grey tights: gift from my sister-in-law, by way of TJ Maxx, I believe
Boots: gift from my husband, from a shoe store on Ermou Street, Athens

How I wore it: apartment hunting, part the fourth

Hello, kittens! Today my husband and I spent four hours in East Boston looking at adorable lofts, apartments, and condos in the area. I ... don't think I want to move anymore. Anyway, I realized that my real estate agent had never seen me in pants and that I had to BE OUT OF THE HOUSE BY 10 AM ON A SATURDAY, so I basically wore my safe colors and jammed my feet into a comfy pair of grey, slouchy boots.

I feel like a kind of pissed, curvy super-hero who forgot her cape somewhere and is out to fight high condo fees.

My pants and shirt are my default all-in-back clothes. I think that when most people look at monochromatic outfits they get really bored, but I usually think, "Hmmm...convenient." To break up the color, I rocked the first pair of grey boots that I ever bought, way back in the halcyon days of July of 2008. They're suede and slouchy and starting to get a little the worse for wear, but they're extremely comfortable (almost too much so -- I feel as if they have no arch support) and quite warm over jeans. It almost feels like wearing slippers.

Are we getting tired of desk shots yet? It's, like, the only way I can semi-consistently focus my camera with the self-timer. Plus, it's quirky and it actually shows my proportions better than the other shot.

So it's the old same-old same-old, what with black and grey together. Whoop-dee-doo. However, when I wear these colors, I do like to break it up a little, even if it's in a subtle way. Very few people would notice this, but I wore a beautiful little Fabergé egg of a ring with this outfit (and with small diamond jewelry):

Isn't it a beaut? My husband bought it for me in a lovely jewelry store in Hamburg, Germany (where I'm currently working on my Ph.D. part-time). It's near the Rathaus, run by a lovely Afghani man who speaks clear, careful German and lets me understand and even CHAT with him. He assured me that this ring was made of silver and echte Rubine [real rubies]. Sold.

A few months ago, the lovely Sal asked what would be the one word you would use to describe yourself. While remembering this challenge, I didn't remember it correctly, and racked my brain to think of which single word I would use to describe my fashion choices. I came up with it yesterday and today: accented.

Although the majority of outfits I've shown on this blog have all veered to to the grey/black monochromatic look, I usually wear a flash of color somewhere, especially in the winer. On Friday, for example, I wore all black to work -- with a bright red pencil skirt. Today I tried to break up my grey-on-black look by subtly wearing a bright pink ring that looks like an Easter egg. I like it: accented. I like a pop of color, but that's about enough. Even since I was a kid: I still remember in 10th grade wearing a black t-shirt, black jeans, and white shoes (it was late summer). I like a pop of color -- an accent, if you will.

What would be your word?

Black top: Tony [boutique in Philly], remixed
Black jeans: Bulldog from Urban Outfitters, remixed
Grey boots: Penny Loves Kenny, by way of DSW
Pink ruby ring: jewelry store in Hamburg

Saturday, February 20, 2010

How I wore it: my big, fat Greek party

This evening, after a long day of work and what seemed like an even longer workout at the gym, I had to go to a do with my husband at his place of work. There was a sort of international party and we had been asked to teach traditional Greek dances. I was originally going to go super-fancy, but when I remembered that the attendees would all be music college students in jeans, I decided to modify my original plan somewhat.

This is how I looked a mere twelve hours after waking up:

Behold the grey booties yet again, making another appearance, this time with a seriously cowl-necked charcoal dress that I fear has a tendency to rise up a little too much to wear to work. Alas.

Here's another shot of the clothes -- also, meet my workspace!

I don't think the pictures are doing the cowl neck any justice. Thing is huge. Because of the awkwardness of the neckline, in fact, I don't wear necklaces with this dress. I do, however compensate with big earrings. Most of my huge earrings are either too clackety or have the risk of falling out of my ear during vigorous exercise (seriously, have YOU ever Greek-danced?); however, my white gold babies have a post and back, so they're pretty solid:

I felt really relaxed in this outfit. The boots are comfortable enough to take almost any abuse, even a vigorous bout of practice, followed by instruction -- even following a day of being on my feet and a brutal cardio workout. I still feel as if I might have been the most formally dressed person in the room, but since I had the relaxed, slouchy (almost 80s?) vibe with the droopy dress and the ankle boots, I didn't feel as if I looked too out of place: perfect for a faculty wife.

Grey cowl neck dress: Banana Republic
Black stockings: Hue
Grey booties: Aldo, remixed
Earrings: gift from my best man, by way of the Lalaounis store in Athens

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Winter Wonderland

So, crisis averted. I ended up getting a fancy-schmancy new camera on Sunday: it was my Valentine's gift to myself. Look out for way better pictures coming soon to an inchoate fashion blog near you!

I had a wonderful weekend. We had Monday and today off for Presidents Day and my husband and I took off to my home town of New York City. I packed my new grey Frye boots as my weekend shoe of choice, and they came through like champs. Poor things, they had a trial by fire. Last night it started sleeting while we were eating dinner with friends and it continued for the mile-long walk home. Today it sleeted while we were leaving my parents' apartment and it turned into full-on snow on our bus ride back to Boston. I stepped in snow puddles constantly, during both our rest stop and our way home. The boots seem to be doing fine, but I'm watching them like a hawk to make sure that the water marks don't stain them permanently. I've only had them for three and a half weeks!

Meanwhile, over the weekend, I got reunited with my absolute favorite boots -- yes, my favorites. I have no problem categorizing them as such, because a) I love them so much, and b) I bought them [or rather, my husband bought them for me as a Christmas gift] in Athens in a little store on Ermou Street and they are truly one of a kind.

Aren't they pretty? Forgive the ghetto newspaper roll inside them. My parents and I are all a little paranoid about preserving our shoes' shape and my mom was taking care of my boots for a few weeks while they got resoled. Despite the fact that I own three pairs of grey boots, these are my only boots of this color. They're very slim, not at all bulky, super comfortable, and they have that cool strap that goes around them to buckle at the ankle.

It was quite the odyssey obtaining them, too. When we went to Greece for Christmas of 2008, I had just started my boots fetish. I was set on buying a new pair of boots in Athens. We saw a really nice pair on a big, fancy shop on Ermou Street [THE shopping street in the center of town] and went in to try them on. As my Greek is basic and salespeople are pushy, my husband was my translator. Now, among other random things I know in Greek, I know my shoe size. It's between a 40 and a 41 (in Europe). With boots, I like to go a full-on 41 (equivalent to a 10 here). So I told the lady those two numbers. She brought me back a 40 (after snottily correcting my husband, who had mistakenly said that we wanted to try on the brown boots from the window -- they were TOBACCO-colored). I tried on the boots and said that they felt small. When my husband told her, she informed me that I was wrong. Well, not in so many words, but she refused to bring a bigger size, swore up and down that the boots would stretch with use, despite the fact that they were small. In her store. NOW. My husband, no match for haughty Athenian saleswomen, helplessly told me things like, "She says they're the right size," while I hissed back "Tell her she's a dirty liar!"

Well, we put them on hold and kept on wandering up Ermou. We saw the above beauties in another store. When I told the woman I was between a 40 and 41, she brought both sizes, agreed with me that the size 40 seemed snug, and got our sale. I've been the proud owner of them ever since. And they're way nicer than the original tobacco pair.

I actually wear them very little because I'm so paranoid that they won't last forever. However, I've successfully resoled them this month and they're now good for another year of cautious use.


Sunday, February 14, 2010

Wannabe Fashion Blogger Emergency!

My camera died today. I was going to take pretty pictures of my jewelry, when it didn't do ANYTHING. This might be a sign from God telling me that I finally need a fancy new camera, which isn't the most feasible option. We'll see what happens.


Monday, February 8, 2010

How I wore it: Monday blahs

So it's Monday. Another week of feeling as if my hands are permanently filmed in chalk. Not hot. However, I decided to bust out my favorite dress for Monday, as well as my new favorite sweater. And, to top it off, I went with a pop of red. Behold!

How thrilled do I look after a long day at work?

The dress is the same one I wore on Saturday. And the sweater, of course, I wore yesterday. I think this is the first time that I've worn something on a weekday that's such a perfect amalgam of my weekend outfits. 

The sweater is fairly new; I bought it a couple of weeks ago and I love it. It's super warm and it's in my two favorite colors! Black and grey! And I love black and grey TOGETHER. Win! 

The shoes are red patent leather with a slight wedge. They're a little...bright, but I do enjoy them greatly. Especially when I wear my red seashell necklace:

My husband bought me this seashell necklace in Chania, in Crete, for my 28th birthday. I love it with a passion. While I was wearing it one day, though, I was told by a group of girls that I looked like Ursula from 'The Little Mermaid'... AFTER she gets pretty. All right, then. 

Anyway, happy Monday! 

Black dress: Gap, remixed
Black and grey sweater: Banana Republic, remixed
Black stockings: Gap
Red wedges: CL by Laundry, by way of DSW
Seashell necklace: gift from husband, jewelry store in Chania, Crete

Sunday, February 7, 2010

How I wore it: children's party edition


This morning we woke up super early to get ready to go to our niece's birthday party (she turned four last week). However, our train was cancelled, so I found myself all dressed up with no place to go. Fortunately, we ended up lurking in bookstores and coffee places, but I still wish I could've hung out with little kids at a Minnie Mouse party instead...

I wanted to be comfortable enough to run up and down stairs with an energetic child, but still wear my favorite elements (skinny jeans, grey and black, boots). Frankly, I felt pretty and chic in this outfit.

You're also able to see my first pair of grey leather boots, my Aldo booties that are writhingly jealous of my Fryes. (On a side note, does anyone else hate the word 'bootie'? It makes me sweaty and uncomfortable) As I said when I first mentioned them, they're extremely versatile, but I find that at certain angles they can stumpify my legs when I'm wearing skinny jeans. From the side they look better, but I notice now that from the front I look a little...hoof-y.

I did want to add one quirky, fun element to the mix, and that's my flowered headband:

I bought this headband in the fall. Living and working in New England for the first time, I was stuck by the enormous and unironic hair accessories that young girls wear here. At my workplace, you see girls with floppy hairbows, big headbands, and striped ribbons. I fell in love with this unashamedly preppy rosette headband and bought it without really thinking it through. I've only worn it a couple of times and decidedly NOT at work. I thought that it would be a good way to mix some fun into my outfit for the wee ones, especially if Minnie Mouse ears might be involved. Well, maybe next time...

Headband: JCrew
Black skinny jeans: Bulldog by Urban Outfitter
Black and grey striped sweater: Banana Republic
Black top: Tony [a small boutique in Philadelphia's Old City]
Grey booties: Aldo

Saturday, February 6, 2010

How I wore it

Today my husband and I had an appointment to look at some apartments (we're thinking of moving to a new place in or near Boston that's cheaper and allows pets, because we really want a kitty). Because I scoff at the crazy cold weather we've been having and because I always like looking trustworthy and wealthy near real estate agents, I went with one of my favorite dresses, a plain black jersey little number. I adore this dress. My husband bought it for me randomly one afternoon before he was my husband. I've gotten engaged in this dress. I changed into this dress at my fancy wedding reception. I wear it to hang out in in the summer and to teach in in the winter, with tights and a sweater.

I knew I wanted to wear my newest boots. The safe choice would've been black tights: black and grey are my favorite neutrals and I love mixing the two. However...I didn't want to 'ruin' my nice tights be (God forbid) wearing them over the weekend. I like a pop of color and I have a couple of pairs of very bright tights. I wore a turquoise pair last week with the same dress and boots and wasn't too thrilled. And then I remembered lovely E.'s love of 'grellow' and had the beginning of an outfit: 

[Forgive the crappy picture. I enlisted my husband to help, but it was all awkward and cringe-y, so for now you get the "study of the crazy lady with her overflowing bookshelf, moribund miniature Christmas tree, and stack of mail]

Of course, it was 20 degrees when I woke up today, so I had to add a sweater. For some reason, I've decided that purple is a neutral, too:

Holy pale skin, Batman! I love this sweater. It's cashmere and warm and comfortable. I have it in green and burgundy, too. DON'T MESS.

I tied the whole look together quite unoriginally, with a purple and yellow checked scarf:

You can't blame me: God knows how much I love the matching...

Black dress: Gap, gift from my husband
Black top [underneath dress]: Express
Yellow tights: Gap
Grey boots: Frye, via
Purple cardigan: Lord and Taylor (I think), gift from my mother
Checked scarf: Urban Outfitter

Monday, February 1, 2010

Follow the link for pretty

This morning, as I stumbled down the stairs to my computer before 6 AM, I made my way to Louise Ebel's website. She has put up an amazing set of photos where she looks breathtakingly stunning. The styling, the hair, the glasses, the make-up -- that's what I aspire to be in life.

Carry on.