Sunday, April 24, 2011

How I wore it: when it's my turn I turn into a loon

Happy Easter, everyone! Or those of you who care. I didn't, until I started dating, then became engaged to, then married to, a Greek. The Orthodox do Easter RIGHT, y'know? There's ritual, singing, candles, and lots and lots of food at a suspect time. That's a holiday for me.

So after being good and avoiding dairy and meat and eggs for the majority of Holy Week, both my husband and I cracked yesterday, about twelve hours before the end, while cooking/baking. I am incapable of setting something out for other people without trying it first (preferably during stages). Yes, I'm being flippant about breaking the fast too early, but also? I want to make sure that I would eat what I'm giving others. So while I was making my oatmeal cheesecake bars (yes, I tend to make those all the time, but they're the Greek's favorite), I tried the cheesecake filling in secret. Then my husband decided to sample the meatloaf he'd made and after that, all bets were off. He made a pork and beef meatloaf and a leg of lamb, I made the dessert bars and a pastitsio. Others brought salad, wine, more dessert, soup, Easter bread... we have food in our fridge to last us for weeks.

Anyway, we had a fun Easter: after spending the day cooking, baking, and cleaning, we went to church, met up with friends, old and new, and all came back to our place for food, wine, and lively conversation. We both agreed that it was one of our best Easters together. I decided to fancy it up:

This is the same dress and shoe combo that I wore for the New Years party at our place a few months back and, obviously, the second time wearing this dress (my husband bought it for me as a surprise on New Years Eve). I wore my grey patterned stockings to lighten the black a little bit and I enjoyed pairing the whole shebang with gold jewelry. 

There is nothing like wearing fancy clothes with long earrings and short hair. I felt dressed up, but fun, and I kind of wanted to live in this outfit for the rest of the month. I won't, though, don't worry. When my husband bought me this dress, I loved it, but sort of forgot about it after wearing it because of its plainness (simple and black. A staple in my closet, no?). But yesterday I fell in love with it all over again. What a perfect simple LBD (well, maybe not THAT little)! Anyway, I felt perfect for Easter festivities and I sort of want to recreate the look again and again. 

Although there's no photographic evidence, I wore my Spanish cape out yesterday for the first time. With the mid-50s, wet weather we'd been having, it was the perfect cover - I cannot WAIT to have it as a staple next winter! 

Even better? It's sunny (although that's supposed to change) and 73 degrees outside right now. Easter Sunday is a quiet day in our household, a way of recovering from having gone to bed at 5 AM after a rich dinner that started at around 1 AM. But there's talk of going out Greek dancing. I can't wait to enjoy the weather! 

Way to cut off my feet there

Black dress; gift from my husband, Jones New York (outlet), remixed
Grey tights: Gap, remixed
Heels: Impo, by way of DSW, remixed


  1. Oh, super fun tights that go wonderfully with this outfit. I think that falling in love with this dress again is the right idea, it looks great on you.
    As far as cheating a little- there is NO WAY I could have given up dairy at all (hello~ I'm from WI!) so I give you mad props for going that long. Happy Easter Chalkdust!

  2. This is an awesome dress. I swear, Jones New York never steers me wrong in the dress department. I like how you've paired it with fun tights. We've been getting some sunny weather in my neck of the woods too, and it's just the best thing ever. Yay spring!

  3. Thanks, Miss B! Yeah, I kind of want to wear this dress all the time. Would that be weird at, like, the gym? And I don't mind the cheating - I wasn't planning on NOT sampling my own food, duh.

    Thanks, Allison! This is my only Jones New York product and I'm thirsty for MORE! The weather was glorious today and I just hope it continues...

  4. You look very, very elegant in this dress. Your husband knew what he was doing when he selected it for you...and there are about a zillion ways to dress it up or down. That food you made and ate sounds delicious.

  5. Thanks, Terri, for the sweet words. The Greek did an amazing job (he has wonderful taste) and I am looking forward to exploring more options with this dress.

    The food was awesome. I can't stop going to the fridge and "investigating" the contents...

  6. I dated and was once engaged to a Greek Orthodox guy (thankfully the marriage part didn't work out) and you're right about how well they do Easter. What I wouldn't give to have been at your Easter table, everything sounds wonderful!

    And your husband got you that dress too? Impressive!

  7. Oh, Anne - we're feasting on leftovers and SO HAPPY. It was, perhaps, the most delicious Easter we've ever had. Om nom nom nom. And I think my husband has become the hero of the weekend for getting me this dress!