Thursday, April 28, 2011

How I wore it: all at once, one day it's spring

Folks, the weather here has been gorgeous for the last couple of days (and presumably for the next few days), making this new New Englander cautiously mutter that spring is finally here on its way (I'm afraid of jinxing stuff). So that has had me feeling fine. I'm still on a high from getting a job offer (the contract should be coming soon) and still hoping that my defense will go through in July, as planned (I'm waiting to hear from the registrar about what the rules are and the longer she takes to get back to me, the more convinced I am that I will never, ever have a Ph.D.). In general, life is wonderful.

But I've been having some self-esteem issues this week: for one thing, I've struggled with really bad hair days for the last few days. I know that these "problems" are probably only visible to me, but trust me when I say that they exist - and it's really hard to hide problem hair when you have so little hair. Also, I've been breaking out a whole lot. I've always tended to oily/pimple-prone skin, but these past few days, everything has been running amok. Even on my back (ew)! Any special tips?

But those things are minor and, other than that, everything's been going well. I had to tutor today and it was kind of grey and windy, so I went with a cautious "I don't think spring is really here" look:

Hardly breathtaking - just a usual look for me: skinny bottoms (leggings today), boots, and a tunic. For the outdoors, I put a corduroy blazer over the whole shebang. A thoroughly average look for a thoroughly average day. Ho-hum.

Anyway, things should look up: we have potentially fun-ish plans tomorrow night, and Saturday will be dedicated to hanging out, walking around Boston, and shopping. Yay!

Green corduroy blazer: Gap, remixed
Striped tunic: American Apparel, remixed
Black leggings: HUE, by way of Lord and Taylor, remixed
Blue boots: Frye Veronica Slouches, by way of, remixed


  1. For one, my skin has been breaking out like mad too. Ugh (yes, even the back which has never happened to me before, overshare?). I think it's all the dust and smoke in the air from forest fires around here so I'm getting crazy about washing my face after being outside for anything.

    For two- I cannot wait to see what you start to pick up for 'work wear' over the next couple months. And thirdly, ho-hum or not I like the cord blazer with the spring look.

  2. Well first of all, I think this outfit is awesome. This is like my go-to uniform too. Also, that's excting about the new job and the potential for PhD in the very near future! I hope you have nothing but good hair days and healhty self-esteem going forward! And I totally hear you on the bad hair days, nothing messes with my zen like a bad hair day ;)

  3. Thanks, Miss B! I don't know what's going on with my skin. I break out at certain times of the month (I'll overshare too), but my face has pretty much been under control since college. I'll chalk it up to the changing seasons or something. Also, I'm psyched for school-shopping! There's no dress code for teachers, but my casual wear is also falling apart, so it should be fun to build up my wardrobe again...

    Thanks, Allison! Let's hear it for comfy go-to uniforms, no? Also, isn't it weird how something so "unimportant" as a bad hair day can really mess you up?!

  4. Oh I hear you on the skin problems! I didn't even have acne when I was a teen, but suddenly as I started getting close to 30 that just went to crap. Mine started getting so bad earlier this year, I saw a dermatologist and got on a couple prescriptions (they told me that most of the OTC acne medicine is useless, which I kind of believe). That did clear it up within a few weeks, but I can't tell if it would've cleared up on its own anyway.

    Anyway, I love a nice corduroy blazer, but here's hoping we don't have too much weather left for wearing them. Have fun shopping this weekend!

  5. Anne, WHAT IS UP WITH ACNE IN OUR LATE 20s?! I mean, I suffered enough through high school (I did have acne as a teen and was forced to go on Accutane by my dermatologist, although it was never THAT bad...): why now?!

  6. Wait, did I miss something?? CONGRATULATIONS on the job offer!!! Holy shit. That is fantastic!

    And you look just lovely. Between that, the job, and the pending spring, things seem to be looking up! :)