Thursday, April 7, 2011

How I wore it: I choose me

People, today I took myself on a date. Because of my condo association's yearly owners' meeting (and election for the new trustees!) this evening, I had to tutor an hour earlier than usual. And I had an appointment in the city a few hours before that. So I decided to make a day of it: go shopping, take myself out to lunch, and generally enjoy time with myself and the Beatles (in my iPod, folks. Duh.). 

Spring is slowly slouching into the region and I decided to speed it up by débuting my new white jeggings:

Despite my dead eyes, I was actually pretty into my outfit for the first part of the day. Look! White doesn't make me look like a whale! Look! I can wear chic black and white without looking like a waitress (when my ultra-hard-core choir performed a mass one Sunday, wearing our standard dress code of white - collared - top and long black skirt, and we hear an old man ask "What's up with all the waitresses?!")! Look, my blue boots are adorable on white! Yay! I'm actually super-looking forward to wearing these over the summer - with a long top and my turquoise sandals? CA-YUUUUTE! 

However, it was in the high 30s when I woke, only a few hours before my first appointment, so I had to make the outfit a little more early-spring-appropriate:

Oh, well. 

So my first appointment was to trim my short hair, over which growth my stylist exclaimed in shock. Apparently my hair grows faster than normal mortals'. Yay. So now I'm all shorn and happy:

Forgive the exhaustion: this was taken after the 2.5 hour-long owners' meeting

After my haircut, I sauntered around Boston and did some shopping which I probably shouldn't have done. I bought two pairs of earrings and used up some coupons at the Gap ($105 down to $59!) to buy new shirts and socks. I'll be rolling these items out shortly: I was too lazy to take photos of my new products. 

Anyway, the long, ten-hour day in white jeggings taught me some lessons. A) If you're a brunette, don't wear these "jeanz" during a haircut. You'll find bristles for hours afterwards. And B) Gap mirrors are hugely unflattering - or these jeggings aren't as cute as I thought. 


Black tunic: American Apparel, remixed
White jeggings: HUE, by way of TJ Maxx
Blue boots: bought in Spain, remixed


  1. Personally, I think the white jeggings are striking and definitely different. I really like them paired with the simple lines of the first top. So how long were the little bits of hair you found?

  2. Thanks, Terri! I look forward to pairing the jeggings with more summery items. I mostly found short, millimeters-long bits of hair that stubbornly clung onto my legs. And neck. And face. I'm itchy right now!!

  3. The white jeggings with the blue lace-up boots are ah-may-zing! I can definitely see that top outfit with turquoise sandals, too. I'm ninety miles west of you and anxiously waiting for the time when I can pull out the sandals. (It's like 30 degrees this morning.)

    I hate the post-haircut itchies so much that I usually schedule cuts for a time when I can come home and jump in the shower, then throw my haircut clothes in the laundry pile.

  4. Thanks, Sue! I'm looking forward to summerfying the look as well, especially since - with my paranoia as to white's intrinsic flattery thing - I could lengthen the leg with sandals and maybe make a sleeker line. Does that even make sense? I just woke up. :) And I threw all my clothes in the hamper because ITCH ITCH ITCH!

  5. You know, I think the white jeggings are a definite win. I really like how they look paired with the black tunic, and think they'd look equally awesome with a pair of sandals and a red tunic. I might just be inspired to try white jeans, if they happen to be in jegging form.

  6. Thanks, Allison! I think with bright colors, like you say, will really pop with these also. I love how both of us are interested in white jeans ONLY IF THEY'RE JEGGINGS. Yes!

  7. The mirrors are wrong, as the white jeggings are completely cute!

    I have short hair too, so I hear you on the post-cut itch. Itch itch itch. When I was a kid my mom would bring a change of shirt for me whenever I got a haircut.

  8. Also: excellent 90210 reference.

  9. Thanks, Kelly! I think a change of shirt would've been ideal...