Thursday, April 21, 2011

How I wore it: apparently it's called "Maundy"?

People, today I had some things to do with my husband, so we had to run around Boston a little bit, which is always fun. The weather got RIDICULOUSLY cold while we were out, though, so I was shivering for much of the outing (despite the fact that less than 10 hours earlier, I was running outdoors IN SHORTS). Nevertheless, I persevered. I also had to tutor and decided to make an outfit out of the whole thing:

This is the fun, gauzy Gap shirt that I first bought/wore a couple of weeks ago. I'd been wanting to pair it  with a skirt for some time, so when the time came, I chose my red workhorse skirt. I liked the way everything looked together and also with the Greek boots. Anyway, I was comfortable all day long (although underprotected from the cold, despite wearing a cashmere cardigan AND my faux leather jacket. Boo hoo...) and felt pretty cute. 

Good thing, too, because I am GRUMPY these days... It's Holy Week, which in my household means no dairy or meat until the big dinner after Saturday night/Sunday morning mass. Hard-core observers like my mother-in-law go through all Lent like this, but after just four days, I'm suffering through severe milk (and cheese) withdrawal and both my husband and I are a little grouchy. I can't wait for milk! And Reese's. Mmmm... It's okay - I've been rocking the Welch's Fruit Snacks for the past few days...

In other news, I kinda got a job for next year? Not really. But kind of! I got a call from my contact person this afternoon and she informed me that there was definitely a part-time job opening for next year (which, I was told before, would definitely turn into full-time by the time September of 2012 rolls around), so it looks as if I'm all set? There's still a chance a full-time job will open up for this coming year, but for now I'm waiting for an official job offer for anything. To be honest, I loved the feel of this school, but I'm not sure if it's the place where I want to settle for the rest of my professional life, y'know? I mean, maybe it will be, but maybe it won't - and I'll have the chance to make that decision quite easily if all I have is a part-time job, y'know? Anyway, I'll have more news tomorrow, I hope, and then...maybe I'll be going back to school in September!

Black top: Gap, remixed
Red skirt: Dickie's, via Guacamole, a store (now closed?) in Philadlephia, remixed
Tights: gift from sister-in-law, via TJ Maxx (?), remixed
Boots: gift from husband, via a shoe store on Ermou Street, Athens, remixed


  1. I love the red skirt.

    You're keeping a positive attitude about the part-time offer and I like your thinking about taking or leaving it if it doesn't prove to be something you like.

    Have happy holidays.

  2. Yay for the possible job! Also, I am deeply envious of your red skirt.

  3. That's great about the possible job! I love your red skirt. I'll bet it looked extra awesome with a faux leather jacket. I would have a hard time laying off dairy for a week - are you planning a feast of cheese on Sunday?

  4. Thanks, Terri! The red skirt has been a godsend for, oh, almost ten years! I bought it my junior year of college in, um, 2001.

    Thanks, Cynthia! It seems pretty official for now, but I just want to get the REAL offer and then brag...

    Thanks, Allison! Dude, the dairy was so hard. Let's just say that a lot of our Saturday night/Sunday morning foods involve cheese/milk etc. I'm planning on eating my first gluten-free doughnut (it has dairy, I checked) ever on Sunday with a big glass of milk.

  5. Fantastic skirt. I see why it's a longterm workhorse.
    Congrats on the possible job!
    Your discussion of food you can't currently have made me hungry. My in-laws are Polish and have specific Holy Week culinary traditions, but there's a lot of fish and meat involved. Let me know if you want to come over. Bring the Welch's fruit snacks.

  6. Hahahaha! My tutee invited me for a secret dinner today - i.e., I go, but don't tell my husband about it. It's okay - today is the last full day and it's so busy with cleaning/cooking (we're having full-on Greekfest at our home after midnight mass) that I'm sure I'll make it fine until "dinner" (at around 2 AM), when I can eat like a hog.

  7. Congrats on the job, and I like your attitude towards it. And I'm impressed at your resilience in avoiding meat and dairy - seeing as how I spent twenty minutes drooling in the Whole Foods cheese section today, I would fail. In a fireball of shame.

  8. Mmmm, Whole Foods cheese section. We've already broken the fast by now, but we cheated earlier today (I mean, Saturday) while cooking/baking because we "had" to sample what we'd made - we couldn't serve bad food, could we?!