Sunday, September 30, 2012

How I wore it: walking in the rain

Rather originally, I hate the rain. I hate going out in it, I hate getting my clothes/hair/bag wet, I hate wearing glasses in the rain, I hate umbrellas, the works. I've been known to say that I'd much rather have "rain days" off over "snow days." Today dawned cool and rainy here in the Boston area, but I needed to do some shopping, I was in the mood to do some walking, so I threw on some contacts, squeezed myself into my jeggings and rain boots, tossed on a new tunic (bought yesterday), and called it a day.

And damned if it didn't look as if I had stepped out of my own 2010/2011 school year...

Admit you've always wanted to see the clutter of my bedroom...

It barely rained (I also wore my dorky, yet incredibly trustworthy raincoat) and, more importantly, it was a fun little outing with my family. Much-needed, too, as yesterday we'd spent the whole day in the car running errands and shopping for little doodads here and there.

One of those doodads is the tunic you see in this picture. We went into one of our favorite pretentious stores in Somerville, Magpie, just for fun, and came out with a baby blanket, a bib, a nightlight, and this "dress." All day I basked in the glow of buying just a little too many things for myself, all unexpected (I also bought myself a new phone case and lots of stuff for Baby Boots.). 

Anyway, I like the top because - hey - grey tunic! And it has birds of prey and cool colors (that match my humidifier and baby rocker!) and it feels like a comfy sweatshirt and it has pockets! Bam! 

Although my tried and true skinny bottoms/tunic top lifestyle is a little hard to maintain at the moment, both because of work and in terms of nursing my child, it was a bit of a thrill to dress like this again. I've missed my "uniform!" 

Grey printed tunic: FluffyCo, bought at Magpie on Davis Square
Blue jeggings: HUE, by way of Lord and Taylor, remixed
Rain boots: Steve Madden, remixed

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

How I wore it: the kid is a dork


Folks, it has been a hectic month over here. My husband was out of town for three weeks, which meant that my parents were IN town in order to help me juggle work and Baby Boots' schedule. The school year started with a bang and I have been staying up late almost every night (or, "late," but by my standards, quite late) preparing for next day's lessons/tests/etc. My classes are okay: as usual, I have one awesome class and ... the other class. The other class is making me rethink my life choices, though, which is great. My husband and I are making difficult and exciting decisions about what and where we want our lives to be in the near future and it's kind of all I can think of.

I've been wearing awesome new outfits. Have I documented any of them? Nooooooooo.

So my parents left yesterday and I had today off, so I decided to put on some comfy threads and hit the road with my Baby Bjorn in order to do some grocery shopping. Since my parents are gone, I decided to revel in the freedom and privacy of having my home to myself again and take a picture of my really, really basic, really, really boring outfit.

You're welcome:

There's ... a lot going on here.

While this photograph is ridiculous, I kind of like it. For one thing, I'm wearing a Who t-shirt. I love the Who and I bought this tee in Athens on my last full day there. It's the perfect color and shape and size and it's a photograph that I've always loved of my second favorite British fab four. What else do I like about this photo? My crazy hair? Don't know if I so much "love" that, but as I've been growing it out, I've been very cavalier about styling it and I'm kind of enjoying that. Every time I came home this month, with my hair all over the place, my usually-über-critical mother would exclaim how awesome it looked. Yay? What about my "I don't give a crap" face? Well, hell, I'm kind of digging that too! It's how I feel a lot of the time. 

Honestly? The only thing I'm not feeling in this photo are those navy pants. Every year I say I'm going to get rid of them and I never do and then I see a picture of myself in them and I'm like, "Oh." So baggy and misshapen. 

Well. It's late. More professional-type outfit tomorrow.

¡Buenas noches!

Who tee: Pull and Bear, bought in Athens
Navy pants: Gap, remixed
Birkenstocks: bought in Tip-Top Shoes (I think?) in New York, many moons ago, remixed

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Inadvertent hiatus


I seem to have taken September off from blogging. My husband is out of town, my parents are staying with me, I'm dealing with a full work load, not to mention finagling all the family's schedules between work and daycare and all that fun stuff. When I get home, I don't have any privacy to take photos. Pity, because I have some lovely new clothes (thanks, Old Navy!) and outfits going on.

But we'll have to wait. I'm enjoying my family too much.

See you on the other side!

[By which I mean a little under two weeks or so]