Thursday, January 12, 2012

More leisurely update

Guys, remember how I did a quick update sixteen days ago?

Well, a lot can happen in sixteen days. Why, you can...

  • get an emergency C-section
  • have a baby girl
  • find out that she inhaled a fair amount of meconium (newborn poop) and needs to stay in the hospital, even after you can leave
  • go to the hospital every single day and stay there for the whole damn day in order to feed your daughter
  • watch her thrive as she gets less and less extra oxygen every day
  • cross your fingers like crazy when the doctor finally takes her off oxygen for a 48-hour observation period
  • realize that you can take her home
  • take her home
  • take her to her first pediatrician appointment, where you find out that she's gained an enormous amount of milk because you apparently produce milk like a cow
  • have amazing emotional highs and lows, plus, hormones! And recovery from your first surgery ever. The result of which was a HUMAN
  • be super happy
So, folks, I haven't been online much. I haven't checked my e-mail. I haven't checked your blogs. But I've been waiting and waiting for the day where I could tell you about Chalkdust and Booties. She's alive and well, over two weeks old, and adorable. She already owns more clothes than I do, so I'm sure she'll be a fashion blogger in her own right.

What do you think?