Wednesday, February 29, 2012

A queen in days of old

Hi, all! I've been wanting to write about this for some time now, so I decided to finally do so before February ended just because I don't want to work on a course proposal instead.

When Baby Boots was born, my mother-in-law flew in from Greece in order to meet her (she'd actually booked her tickets to correspond with the due date, but the baby was born 17 days early, so...). She came laden with gifts, mostly for Baby Boots, but with one honking big one for me.

Namely, this ring:

Yowza, am I right? Isn't it gorgeous? I love its material (beautiful, shiny, pure gold) and the blue bead (the "olive" on the olive branch). It was bought at the same jewelry store in Sparta where I've bought (or been bought) a LOT of other things. I lurve it. I've worn it twice now, both times to church, as I tend to wear gold jewelry a lot when I go to church. 

I like a lot how it looks on the hand, too. As you can tell, I'm a big fan of unique accessories and I think this one fits the bill perfectly. It'll be yet another gorgeous piece to pack along my travel case this summer...

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

How I wore it: how I wore her

Y'all, we're about to watch Colbert, the baby's down for the "night" (i.e., anywhere between two and six hours), I'm exhausted, my husband is sick, but I'm going to BLOG, dammit.

Heyyyyyyyy, guys.

There's a lot of fun things happening in C&B headquarters, the first of which - which has already come to fruition - is my purchase of a new laptop. My MacBook (which I'd gotten in January of 2007) was slowly grinding to a halt, so I bought myself a lovely MacBook Pro. We are in love. There's other stuff coming up which is just as exciting (in terms of stuff I bought for myself), but for now it's all about the computer.

The weather today was beautiful: sunny and highs in the mid-50s. I decided that - by hook or by crook - I was going to take Baby Boots out for a walk today (our first one alone together) and so I did. I was very proud of myself, though shocked at how tired I got walking three quarters of my formerly favorite running route. Getting back into shape is going to be a laugh, won't it...

Since the baby has been born, I've been trying to figure out what the best way to transport her is, both in and out of the house. She insists on napping only in someone's arms, meaning that I spend most of my day on the couch, nursing or cradling her. Which is lovely, but leads to non productivity and a lot of 'America's Next Top Model.' I got a Baby Björn from my family, but the baby is a little too small for it for now. I'd bought a Moby wrap before Baby Boots' birth, which is great for around the house, but it's also very hit or miss as to whether the baby will enjoy it or not. So I went with what seemed like a most popular choice (and what our very own Kelly uses AND recommends!): the Ergo baby (with the infant insert). I might use it forever (although I do think the Björn is prettier, but it of course depends on baby's preference when the time comes), though. Baby Boots loves it and falls asleep almost immediately when placed inside. So it was an obvious choice today with the rest of my outfit:

There's a baby in there somewhere, I swear

We had a lovely walk and she had a good nap (she fell asleep in about five minutes). 

Fun fact: the last time I wore my blue Fryes was the day of Baby Boots' birth. Also, my feet are no longer swollen: yay!

[Also - does anyone who has given birth have any tips as to how to make one's stomach less paunchier and maybe even one's hips less hippier? I'm thrilled to fit into my jeggings, but non-elastic pants aren't that much of an option, although I don't weigh as much as I have at my heaviest, when I've been able to wear some of my non-elastic pants.]

[Yes, I'm shallow.]

In other news, my hair is growing out something crazy and I have some sort of sad shag. The good news is that I booked my next haircut for about a month from now - I want Cheryl to continue trimming/shaping it so that it grows out a little less nuts. 

Can you see the craziness?

... See what I mean?

Well, that's all for me, folks. I'm going to try to sneak into bed as quietly as possible...

Green hooded top: Old Navy Maternity, remixed
Blue jeggings: HUE, by way of Lord and Taylor, remixed
Blue boots: Frye Veronica Slouches, by way of, remixed

Saturday, February 11, 2012

It's the time of the season for loving


So it's been four weeks (and two days) since I last posted. Oops.

Everything has been going great at C&B headquarters. Little Boots is growing day by day and keeping me fantastically busy, although my whole day is spent doing nothing really but feeding her. [It's amazing how much this post by Kelly, about Baby T, has been true to my life: this is what I've been spending my time doing.] I've been wanting to blog for weeks, actually, but the idea of having some time alone at my computer was...laughable. In fact, right now she's doing her long end-of-night/morning nap and instead of sleeping, which would be the SMART thing to do, I'm finally updating. That's how much I love you all, people.

Aaaanywho, I've just this past week started reading blogs again, so I haven't been updated, nor have I been commenting, so...I'll try to do better now.

Anyway, it's early February and in my world, there is one thing to be excited about in early February: glasses!! Yup, my yearly check-up is in one week and I'm desperately hoping to get new frames out of it. I've had my black Ray-Bans for two years now and my insurance covers new frames every two years. God, I hope my prescription will have changed. Which is kind of a sick thing to wish for, come to think of it.

Anyway, as I told y'all back in the day (probably due to watching too many shows set in the 60s, such as 'Mad Men' and 'Alcatraz'), I've been falling in love with Ray-Ban's Clubmasters (in black or tortoiseshell). I have no idea whether or not they'll look good on me, but I'm determined to give them a try if my eye doctor has 'em. Anyway, while I was browsing through the Ray-Ban page the other day (to look at glasses some more, which I could really do all day), I found these little dears (they're a new release!) and promptly fell in love. Now I don't love the black, as the frame is a little thinner than what I'm normally attracted to, but, oh, the possibilities (plus, I want to go more tortoiseshell in order to lighten up the look: I have such dark hair and wear black eyeliner and a lot of black's time for a switch, no?)!

This is the frame with which I'm the most in love:

Since they are new, I really do hope that my guy carries them, because I would love to try them on. Unfortunately, I've found out that my husband prefers black frames and finds tortoiseshell a little aging (though his opinion is moot if I like them a lot), but I found a nice couple of compromises for him:


I think these are kind of cool, although they're brown and still potentially in the "aging" category that my husband criticizes... Those would be choice three. 

Choice number two?

Dudes, grey glasses! That fade out! Hamazing, am I right? My mom loved these on the website and said that this kind would probably lighten my look a lot as well. 

On that note, have y'all noticed how popular the fade-out look is on glasses nowadays? I first noticed it when trolling on the Warby Parker website (although the style didn't look as great on me as I'd hoped) and, since my eye was attuned to it, I started noticing it a whole lot. What do you guys think of this look? Have you noticed it as much as I have? Do I notice others' glasses way too much?

On second thought, don't answer that...