Sunday, April 3, 2011

How I wore it: she's like a rainbow

Folks, can you feel it, now that spring has sprung? No, in all seriousness, some slight springiness is observable in the New England area where I live. The light is rosier, the grass is greener, there are dandelions on my yard (I know they're weeds: I love 'em anyway), and the temperatures are creeping up to the...low 50s. Well, as we say in Spanish, peor es nada, right? At least it's not raining! ... Which it's supposed to do for the next two days.


My husband had to work at his desk all day today to make up for a Saturday of teaching a private lesson, taking a long walk with me, and watching the first two episodes of the deliciously trashy (and all wrong - does it surprise you that I was a hard-core Arthurian geek when I was a preteen? No, I thought not) "Camelot" on Starz. However, I had the brilliant idea to leave the house on my own in order to deposit a tutoring check and go fantasy shopping at TJ Maxx. So I did. While I wore very wintry elements, my glasses [Elton John was on SNL last night! I was inspired!] and my attitude made me feel more like spring:

While I'm not actually wearing that many colors (turquoise, black, grey, and light blue), the addition of my purple purse (and *sigh* grey coat) made me hum the Stones' "She's a Rainbow" during my short walk to the bank and to TJ Maxx (nothing to be found there, alas).

People, I'm kind of disappointed with my own styling of the turquoise corduroy jeggings seen above. I've only paired them with my grey Fryes, I think. And, naturally, tunics. I bought this particular color of legging because a) I love that turquoise/teal color, and b) in grad school I had similar color bellbottoms. Which I wore with everything. And all sorts of shoes. Maybe the fact that these are leggings, and therefore the choices are more compromised (i.e., any top has to cover my butt; look good tucked into boots) make them harder to style than my former turquoise trousers. Perhaps when the weather gets warmer and I edge away from boots (*gasp!*), I can play around some more with footwear and make the looks vary a slight bit. In the meantime, do you have any suggestions, Style Nation? How would you style a pair of brightly colored corduroy jeggings?!

Black top: Tony's, a boutique in Old City Philadelphia, remixed
Turquoise jeggings: HUE, by way of Lord and Taylor, remixed
Grey boots: Frye Paige Huaraches, by way of, remixed


  1. I love the color of the cordoroy jeggings. And the entire palette with your blue glasses. Don't you have black boots you could pair them with?

  2. I love that teal blue colour - I really like teal paired with yellow and red, but I'm not always bold enough to run with those looks. Your blue glasses are awesome. I due for some new glasses, and I am going to go for bold this time!

  3. I would totally wear those with your red boots. And then a long black tunic and a shorter red cardigan. With a skinny black belt.

  4. When in doubt go all the same color (well, that's what I do).

    What about wear those fab new blue boots from your trip? I wonder how that would look?

  5. Terri, unfortunately, I no longer own a pair of black boots. I had a pair, mostly for skirts and stuff, but they officially died. Alas.

    Nice ideas, Allison - I certainly don't lack for red. Ooh, bold glasses! Yay!

    Cynthia, when you give suggestions, you give SUGGESTIONS. I can actually handle almost the entirety of what you said (no skinny black belt)! Hmmm....

    Ooh, Miss B - ideas! I love it. Now I'm excited to try out more stuff with the jeggings! Yay!

  6. I was going to suggest pairing the jeggings with red too! Or what about purple or green?

    Your glasses are so fun! Almost makes me wish I wore glasses for more than just reading.

  7. Okay, yay for red! I'm definitely gonna try that out. I definitely love the idea of purple, but I don't own almost any purple except for a dress. Hmm... And thanks for the kind words on the glasses: I think they're super-fun!

  8. I would definitely try pairing with red or a nice plummy purple! I could be wrong on this (because of screen res) but they might also look great with yellow, such as your yellow 'vogs that I covet.

    I have a pair of teal skinny cords and they can also be tricky to style.

  9. LHdM, I like the idea of purple or a nice burgundy! I NEVER thought of the yellow 'vogs with this look, but now that you mentioned this combo, I'm obsessed. SWEET!

  10. i love the color of those pants! i have the same issues with legging-like pants, and i've been mostly wearing them cuffed up above my ankles, with a tunic or dress over them, flats, and a cardigan. i have no idea if it looks GOOD, but i feel comfy in it, and not self-conscious.

    by the way, those boots are amazing.

  11. Thanks for the suggestion, and welcome, Joelle! I like the idea of cuffing the jeggings and wearing flats - perhaps when the weather turns (40s today and pouring), I'll try it out! Hope you stick around! (And those are among my favorite paisr of boots)