Saturday, April 16, 2011

How I wore it: the bitch is back!

People, yesterday I had such a good day! [On a side note, as of yesterday, my husband and I have been home-owners for a year! Adults!] Anyway, I had another great run in the morning and I've been unofficially invited for an all-day interview at the school next week! I'm supposed to get the deets over the weekend, so I hope I'll know more shortly. Yay!

Anyway, one of my former colleagues was also having a party last night, so I clearly went. It's been a while since I've gone to a party not hosted by myself. My husband was too tired to attend, so off I went by myself. I decided to wear the other top that I bought in the Gap last week (I wore the first one a week ago):

Fun, right?! While trying on this immodest, drapy tank top in the dressing room, I thought that it wasn't really my usual style - metal embellishments? Drapy and loose? But the more I examined myself in the mirror, the more I realized that I wanted to be the kind of woman who wears this kind of top. So I bought it. 

And I'm gonna be honest: I felt like a rock star in this outfit: revealing top with studs? Tight black jeans? Yes.

The top is particularly special because of another detail (I'm so mature):

You'll be happy to know that, after I examined this photo, I combed my hair

Check out that back, people! A cowl(-neck?) collar, a sexy little string holding up the whole shebang? LOVE! I cannot wait to wear this bad girl out over the summer, when people can actually see the back detail. Because yesterday it was so cold that I had to cover up with a cardigan, like a good schoolgirl:

Yes, in fact, I was feeling silly while taking photos. Could you tell?

So, yeah, that kind of mitigated the whole "rock star" feeling. Oh, well. It'll be awesome at my cousin-in-law's bachelorette party... 

I also wore the new necklace I bought from ArtWark on Etsy for the first time. I loved how it looked with the gold detail on my shirt (and my favorite gold earrings, which you can barely see in all these photos):

Pretty shape and length, no? I loved how it looked. 

Anyway, the party was a blast, I got to see a lot of friends that I haven't in a while (some since last June!), and gossip some more about work - one of my favorite activities...

Anyway, that was my Friday, folks. And I'm very happy with it. 

Green cardigan: gift from my mom, via Lord and Taylor, remixed
Embellished tank: Gap
Black jeans: Bulldog by Urban Outfitters, remixed
Boots: gift from my husband, from a shoe store on Ermou Street, Athens, remixed
Gold pear necklace: ArtWark store on Etsy 


  1. That is a GREAT top and it looks fantastic on you. The metal trim is perfect. (Don't you just love it when you feel like a rock star? Metallic does it for me too. And in my dreams I have a pair of black leather pants to go with my bronze metallic top, instead of the plain black ponte knit pants.)

  2. I love it, that top looks perfect on you! It's totally cute with the cardigan, but you're definitely going to turn some heads come summer

  3. Thanks, Sue! I haven't felt like a rock star in a while, so this was a welcome change. And I've wanted leather pants since I was a TEENAGER! I think I need to go on the hunt.

    Thanks, Cassy! I'm looking forward to wearing it RIGHT, y'know?

  4. You are a total rock star in this outfit. I LOVE that top. Perfection! Your husband will need to take you (and the top) on a date. You can tell him that I said so!
    Good luck with interview next week!!

  5. Well, Allison, I'm gonna go ahead and inform my husband that we're going on a date with this shirt. Thanks for the suggestion! And for the good luck wishes! :)

  6. Superb top, and the pictures really show how awesome it makes you feel. Rawwr! Definitely worth taking out for a drink.
    Best of luck with the interview!

  7. Why thank you, Kelly! Yeah, I'm telling my husband that it'll be my "date night" shirt for the next date night. :) And thanks for the good vibes.

  8. Congrats on the interview! I just recently bought a top with a studs effect, but nothing like the back on this sexy thing!

  9. Thanks, Terri! This is my first article of clothing (non-shoe) with metallic embellishments: I'm psyched! And thanks for the good thoughts - I haven't heard from the school since, so I'm just keeping my fingers crossed and trying not to think about it...