Monday, April 4, 2011

Sad, imaginary shopping

Folks, I've been really good about saving money on clothes. I'm sick to death of everything I own (except for my boots, natch), but I've been good about not going out and buying stuff. I was even all set with all my boots ("That's it! I'm done"... please) until we bought that periwinkle pair in Madrid - but those are for playing, a mere bagatelle. I've not even really been trolling Zappos or the Frye website in order to shield myself from temptation.

The fact of the matter is that I can't afford to go crazy on clothes right now. I don't have a job - except for three hours of tutoring a week - and there hasn't been a single peep from schools for next year yet. We're quite comfortable for day-to-day life, but I can't really indulge myself on (big) impulse purchases. So I've been good about protecting myself from the disappointment of not being able to buy pair after pair of boots/cute dresses/new pants. Trust me, if I get a job, I will be burning through boots like a maniac, but not right now. Not yet.

In the meantime, though, Sal posted about the Frye Harness 12R Boot yesterday and she - like I, who commented about it - was hesitant about these boots until she saw them styled in cool ways. I always thought they were a little clunky and awkward until a friend of mine put hers on last month in Philadelphia, and I fell in love. So I went to the Frye site yesterday and, well, since then, I haven't been able to stop adding boots to my mental shopping list. Let's go through some, shall we?

When searching through the possibilities with regard to the Frye Harness 12R's, this color caught my eye:

Teal, people! How could I resist? And at $248, they're not ridiculously expensive. Just plain ol' expensive. Seriously, aren't they lovely? Imagine them with yesterday's jeggings: did your mind explode? Good.

On the subject of boots that I find "meh" in pictures and AMAZING in person, let's move on to the Paige Tall Riding boots. I have a pair of Paige boots, my grey Huaraches (also worn with yesterday's jeggings - see link above) and my dream fantasy boots are also Paiges, so I know that they're pretty awesome. However, the plain Tall Riding boots seemed a little staid, until I saw someone trying them on a few months ago. Predictable as I am, I'd want them in grey:

And if that's just a little too much grey, even for me, I've conveniently also fallen in love with the saddle color:

Never mind, I officially like this color more than the grey. Too bad they're $348. But aren't they worth it?!

Finally, I saw this pair many moons ago, but it was shortly after receiving my gorgeous OTK red Shirleys (now unavailable anywhere! Score one for the Greek!), so I stifled my lust. This is from the famed Campus series, which - again - was never my favorite until I saw it on someone. They're also OTK, which is just silly, because who needs more than one pair of OTK boots?! I present you the Campus Over the Knee in grey:

Amazing, am I right? And they're that true light grey color that I love. These are $358. A trifle! 

So...using the Frye shopping cart and considering that the Paiges are out of stock (booo!), my total comes to (only) $606. Well, hey! 

So there you have it, folks: my fantasy spring shopping list. What about you? Are there any items over which you're currently lusting?! Which of these boots, if any, do you like the best? I'm leaning toward the teal as the top top favorite. 

All images were from the Frye website. For whose newsletter I just signed up. 


  1. Gah! Those teal harness boots are GLORIOUS!

  2. I was fantasy shopping on Amazon yesterday, and had a pair of the Paige boots and the Harness boots in my cart... Before I sadly closed my browser and ate another cookie.

  3. I've been imaginarily shopping the Paige Clovertab boots for the last year, although not as much since the chestnut color seems to have disappeared.

  4. Of course I say that and now there they are, on Endless, in cognac.

  5. Sal, RIGHT?

    Allison, I COMPLETELY forgot about Amazon. Going there right now!

    Cynthia, GET THEM! Oh, wait. GAAD. Right? But they're on eBay all the time. I have a saved search for my grey fantasy boots and I'm always getting e-mails for the Clovertabs. So eBay seems to be CRAWLING with them...

  6. Sadly, I too have a wish list--I'm searching for a toile skirt, though I want it tell a story I'm interested in. A very elusive item.

    I had to laugh at your comment on the first boots. They are beautiful...but I will often spend big bucks to style an inexpensive item. No more boots for me until next fall

  7. Oh, the teal is a glorious colour indeed! I really am glad I don't look online at shoes (except for Fluevog, but even then I don't buy online) or I would be broke.

  8. Terri - I bet the things you KNOW you want are the hardest to find, right? A toile skirt sounds lovely. And I'm actively trying to join the "no more boots till..." bandwagon.

    Sheila, I don't know what tempted me. I'm not even going to the Fluevog site because it will break my heart (but I wouldn't buy those online either because of the sizing)...

  9. Lord knows I love me some leather and I'm not picky where I put it on my body (...that didn't come out right).
    I'm always looking for nice leather pumps or my biggest weakness...cowboy boots. I need a new pair for this summer and I live so close to a Lucchese outlet store (best-boots-ever) but I'm scared to go in. Sad thing is that no matter what I buy they will end up being covered in shit anyway. :(

  10. Ooh, cowboy boots! I always like them on other people, but have never tried on a pair myself. Frye makes those t... [*goes back to online shoe shops...*]

  11. One last thing- I cannot believe you told me that! Damn you.... the western frye "Billy Tall" oh mylanta!
    Self control, self control, self control.

  12. HAHAHAHA! Just as every time I tell myself I don't need teal harness boots, the world tells me I do. WHAT DO I DO?!