Monday, April 18, 2011

How I wore it: biker geek

So I think I've mentioned in the past that my style, at its best, tends to be rock & roll nerd sometimes. I really like a sort of hard/edgy aesthetic, but anyone who knows me will attest that - as soon as I open my mouth - all aspirations of edginess just fly out the window: I'm just too proudly geeky with no chance of hiding it.

So yesterday, when I got dressed for an impromptu walk around the nearest lake with my husband (the weather dramatically changed from humid/rainy/balmy to sunny/windy/balmy), I was rather surprised at how I'd styled myself: a (faux) leather jacket! Bad-ass boots! Skinny pants!

Can you see the mudstains that brutalized my boots? Don't worry, they've been cleaned

... Oh, and powder-blue glasses and flower-shaped earrings. And a slobbering enthusiasm for premodern Sanskritic literature and Indo-European grammar. 

Now, this isn't a novel outfit (for me) in the least; it has many of my favorite elements: a tunic, skinny jeans/jeggings, boots, and contrasting hemlines. But I felt good about it for most of the day: it had a streamlined effect that I'd only hoped for and was amply comfortable for stomping around a lake. 

Also, I get really excited whenever I wear my blue glasses... 

In other news, some wonderful stuff has been happening. My advisor wrote back to me and... guys, I'm gonna have a Ph.D. really, really soon. He wants me to visit him in early July. And German dissertations are supposed to be published, so that's gonna happen, too. Anyway, he sent me some corrections and to do some errands, he's mostly happy with my introduction, and life is good. I'm already looking into flights between Athens and Hamburg and lodgings (I really want to stay in the same kick-ass apartment as last year). Yay! Oh, and I also got my schedule for the Wednesday visit at the school and I'm gonna be teaching a grammar lesson (which, if you know me, you'll know that you literally cannot get me more excited than when I'm postulating about Spanish grammar to a group of hapless students) right at the beginning of the day, meaning that I'll be really unstressed for the rest of it. 

Stuff is happening: I just really hope it all continues to happen well! 

Grey jacket: H&M, remixed
Grey tunic: American Apparel, remixed
Jeggings: HUE, by way of Lord and Taylor, remixed
Blue boots: Frye Veronica Slouches, by way of, remixed 


  1. Such great news! And such a fabulous outfit, too. Those blue Veronicas rule the world.

  2. Thanks, Sal! Those boots have really become my everyday boots - it's crazy how I "forget" that they're blue...

  3. Hooray! The Rocket Scientist turned in EVERYTHING last week, so he's officially a Dr. now and it was so nice to see that weight off of his shoulders.

  4. Great news and a great outfit! This is a good day. I love the edgy geek aesthetic. That could be a whole other genre of style, boho, classic, edgy geek. I like it.

  5. Katie, yay for Dr. Rocket Scientist! That's wonderful news! So much of my identity/self-esteem has been wrapped into my graduate studies that I'm interested to see what will happen when I'm done with the degree...

    Thanks, Allison! It would be great to have a parallel style, as you say. I'm interested in seeing what a boho geek would be...

  6. Great news, all of it!
    I get really excited every time you wear the powder-blue glasses too.

  7. It just seems like the log jam is really beginning to break! Excellent news.

  8. Fingers crossed, Terri. The good thing is that I'm more excited about my dissertation now than the school, so I probably won't be too scared at the interview...

  9. Wow, look at you go! A pretty badass outfit and kicking ass and taking names as far as getting your degree. I think about that a lot, I want to get my PhD, but it's almost like a lost ID when you finally get it. After being a student for so long...then what? I really hope things continue to pan out!