Thursday, August 30, 2012

How I wore it: song 2

Today was our second and last full day of faculty meetings. We have to go in tomorrow for departmental stuff and on Tuesday for new students' orientation, with real classes starting on Wednesday.

After yesterday's fancy look, I decided to tone it way down today and go in a new direction, wearing a bunch of new clothes that I bought on my second-to-last day in Greece. I LOVED how I felt in this and it's much closer to what I want my aesthetic to be (haven't I always called myself a rock n'roll nerd?):

Vaguely pissed look optional!

When I was in Greece, I noticed that a lot of the Fashion Babes were wearing tight, distressed light blue jeans with simple white tops. So I decided to get my own. They're already a little looser than I'd like (and the leg isn't as tapered as how the girls wore them), but I freakin' heart these jeans. I've never owned distressed jeans and, yes, I feel like a tool for buying pre-distressed clothes, but holy God, did I feel like a rock star today. The simple grey tank along with the pops of color with my scarf and new watch just added to the whole thing. Granted, maybe it's not the most fashionable/flattering look ever, but I felt so, so great in this. I used to have a pair of light denim flared jeans that I loved until they fell apart: I think these will be a great replacement, especially as I won't be wearing them to work on normal days (my students do not need this side of me); perfect weekend wear. 

 Yay for rocking out! Do you have any outfits that make you feel like a million bucks for no apparent reason? 

Infinity scarf: Old Navy online (remixed?)
Grey tank: H&M Athens
Distressed jeans: Pull and Bear
Brown sandals: gift from a friend from Costa Rica, remixed
Watch: La Mer collections

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

How I wore it: band on the run


I am about to COLLAPSE, people. Today was my first day back to work: a full day of frantic walks to and from the train station (about 15 minutes from my work); faculty meetings; and rushing to pick up Baby Boots from daycare. Woo! Not to mention, reconnecting with old friends and colleagues and meeting new faculty and staff. It's a little past 9 PM, I need a shower, my husband's not home yet, we have dirty pots and pans everywhere, I'm about to collapse, BUT? The baby's at least asleep.

Small victories, y'all.

So, as is my wont for first days, I decided to fancy myself up a little bit: dress, shoes, contacts... you know the drill:

Don't mind the playpen to the left...

We've seen all this before, n'est-ce pas? I feel of two minds about this look. On the one hand, back in June I was ready to toss this black dress, as I've had it since the summer of 2007 and it's getting thin and pilly and misshapen and ugh. I'd also ordered a new black dress from Old Navy, but it's a little short and the buttons, which are great for nursing, tend to pop open, so... not a real replacement in that I can wear it to work. So I held on to it. And I'm glad I did, especially when I put it on this morning. I love the drape and shape of this dress and I'll probably wear it till it's literally falling about me in tatters. 

On the other hand, these last couple of weeks I've been trying to better hone my personal style and...I don't know, this seems so basic and boring but it also seems so me, ya know? While I kind of want to move in a new direction, there's something just so right and satisfying about this look for me. Baby steps! 

All of that being said, though, I was marvelously comfy and it was the perfect outfit for my crazy, on-the-go day. Hurray for the tried and true!

Scarf: Old Navy (online), remixed
Black dress: Gap, remixed
Black modesty top (underneath): Glamourmom, by way of Isis Maternity, remixed
Buffalo plaid flats: American Eagle by Payless, remixed

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Unexpected: a story with pictures

Yesterday I went into the Fluevog store looking for these boots:

I was attracted to their rocker look and the cool color, although I have a couple of pairs of boots - if not several - that are blue. I was also interested in them in black:

Once in the store, I didn't like the look of them in person so much, so I decided to try on this decidedly fun pair of oxfords that I'd seen last time I ventured inside:

My husband didn't much like them, so I decided to try them on in another color - I've wanted saddle-type shoes since I was a teenager...

So my friendly 'Fluevologist' brought me the two pairs of shoes and one more that I hadn't asked for:

... Well, I fell in love and went home with them. Green shoes! And they came with three sets of laces: the white ones you see in the picture, brownish ones, and matching green ones (which are clearly the ones I'll be using). I can't wait to wear them to work. 

All photographs from the John Fluevog website
The boots are the Truth Genevieves
The tapestry and black and white oxfords are the Terra Omegas
And the pair I took home are the Radio CBC (for women) in green! 

Saturday, August 18, 2012


Wow, it's hard for me to think that in 48 short hours, I'll be getting ready to arrive back in the States. This has been a strange vacation and I'm very happy to be going home, although sad to be leaving Greece, which has become an adopted homeland. Today I celebrated our last weekend in Greece by shopping. Because? I'm classy that way.

More on that another time, because my first Greek shopping excursion was a couple of weeks ago, before we left for Sparta. We went to downtown Athens to our favorite neighborhoods (Monastiraki, Plaka) for some sedate walking and hanging out. I insisted on stopping in front of every store in the Monastiraki flea market that looked as if it might sell the colorful, flowy pants that every single Athenian girl seemed to be wearing this summer and last; my Holy Grail: harem pants.

After some aimless wandering, I pulled my husband into a hippie store, called, appropriately, The Hippie Shop. It sold everything from brightly colored blankets and prints to pants to ... vaguely South Asian-inspired decorations? In short, it was the kind of goofy, faux-Eastern store that would have not been out of place forty-something years ago. My kind of place. All the women who worked there looked ethereal and had nose rings (she wrote, jealously).

The pants that I was interested in were one-size: not elastic, but rather huge in the waist in order to be folded/tied according to one's preferences (see here for instructions). I would've loved an elasticized waist (and elasticized ankles, for the complete look) because of laziness, but I love the two pairs of pants I picked up.

The first pair is a more staid, "have people over while feeling comfy and casual" look:

Head cut off because I apparently don't know how to pose for photos anymore

Fun, right? These pants are pure cotton and love and so, so comfy. I actually wore them last night for the exact kind of scenario I described: my husband's best friend came over for dinner and hanging out and I just chilled with my comfy pants and a nursing top. No prob!

The second pair is a lot more fun, in a "I can only wear these around the house" type of way:

Woo! It's made of patches of what (is made to?) look like sari cloth. God knows how authentic they are, but they make for a lovely technicolor dreampant when I look down: I wore them all day today around the house and I lurved them. 

[On a side note, how amazing is that basic grey tank? I bought it today at H&M and am indignant at myself for not having owned it earlier...]

I don't think these are 'harem pants' in the technical sense, in that the ankle isn't tapered/elasticized, but they're exactly what I was looking for, so I'm stoked. 

In the meantime, does anyone else have a problem with the term 'harem pants'? I know it's a pretty accepted term in shopping for this kind of garment, but...should it be? Maybe it's my degree in area studies; maybe it's the perennial reading of Said on Orientalism, but... I think the usage of the word 'harem' adds an overly Orientalized (in the Said sense)/eroticized aspect to what is a simple piece of fabric. Anyone else have any thoughts? Am I overthinking this? 

Thursday, August 16, 2012

How I wore it: lesson learned

Greetings, all! I can't believe that I'll be in the States in four days! I mean, in less than two weeks I'll be back at work. Le sigh.


Yesterday was the second biggest holiday in Greece, Assumption, the 'Easter of the summer.' It's kind of a big deal for my in-laws, as it's also the name day for women named after the Virgin Mary and my mother-in-law happens to be one. So, as always, we got up early, went to church, and ate like hogs (after a relaxing interval at the beach).

I wore a maxi dress that I bought at Old Navy in April or May and have worn several times since. It's long, soft jersey, and has an empire waist: normally I'm not into empire waists, but they've been my post-partum saviors. I felt pretty awesome -

- OH. Oh, dear. That...was not as flattering as I thought. I guess the jersey didn't hide the tank top underneath and... huh. No. I promise on all that's holy that I'm not as wide as that dress makes me look. Granted, I'm not WAIFISH right now, but, dude, that dress is not flattering. Okay. Figured it out.

both photographs by my husband. He got my feet!

Good God, that's worse. At least the color is nice, no?

Also, I just found out that it's an article of clothing I have to hand wash. OH HELL NO. 

I...might be leaving it in Greece. Or ripping it to shreds. Any suggestions, Style Nation?

Blue maxi: Old Navy (online)
Aqua nursing tank: Glamourmom, by way of remixed
Orange sandals: Nine West, remixed

Sunday, August 12, 2012

How I wore it: Chalkdust and church

Today the gang got up early in order to hit up a local monastery for church services. I wasn't originally planning to go: in fact, two weeks ago, I came to the decision that - apart from important, "family" events (Easter, Christmas, Assumption) - I was going to start curtailing my church-going activities drastically. However, as the monastery was a short drive away, my husband was worried that Baby Boots would get hungry and cranky without me, so off I went [she got neither hungry nor cranky]. This is what we wore:

As usual, my husband [the photographer of this fine pic] cut off part of my feet. He also didn't warn me that he was taking a picture. This is the only shot of my whole outfit which showed some foot. You're welcome?

Hey, remember when I only used to wear this skirt with black or white? Not this summer: I've been rocking it with different colored (nursing) tanks and this fun scarf (yet another early summer Old Navy purchase). Damn, I look twelve in that picture. Sorry, where was I... 

Another photo by the incomparable Mr. Boots. At least I look like less of a goober, despite my lack of feet. Also, I just noticed that my daughter and I have identical skeptical expressions on our faces. Family!

Uhh, I don't really have much else to say about this. Upon coming home, I changed into schlumpy comfy clothes and, a few hours later, we hit the beach. Ta-da! 

More later, I'm sure...

Patterned scarf: Old Navy (online store)
Crimson nursing tank: Glamourmom, via
Striped skirt: Gap, remixed
Orange sandals: Nine West, remixed

Saturday, August 11, 2012

I'll send it along...

Folks, folks, folks (look at me with all the posting!)! I've gotten another offer from the nice people at eShakti to give you another offer, valid till August 31st (holy crap! I'll be back at work by then!)! In case you're not familiar with this charming online boutique, it stocks beautiful dresses, skirts, and other items of clothing from sizes 0-26, all customizable!

If you enter promo code CH27KZS, you will get 10% off when you shop! The code can be used as much as you like until the end of the month and can be combined with other online offers. It cannot, alas, be used on items in the overstock category

What would I use this discount on? Well, although it's totally not my style and I suspect that it would look awful on me, this dress has caught my eye:

And it comes in lots of colors! 

What would you choose? Take a look! 

* Disclaimer: With this promo code, I will be given credit in the form of gift cards with each sale made. That being said, I've had only good experience with the customer service of the good people at eShakti and would not pass along this offer if I didn't think it was worth it. So if you shop and I get some coupons, rad. If you don't, that's cool, too. 

Oh, my

I'm not really in the market for new things. I'm in an acquisitive mood, mainly because the end of the summer, and Greece, and back-to-school, and paycheck and whatnot... However, while both my husband and I got good raises in our respective jobs, we also have a child. And that child is starting daycare in a few weeks. So... apart from fun little things (watch on sale, birthday earrings, etc.), I'm really trying to spend less money. Everything I buy has to hold up to the Baby Boots test and also to the "is this an extravagant purchase or something really useful?" question.

That being said, I came upon these yesterday via an old student's Facebook page:

I'm not the hugest fan of booties (I have my workhorse grey booties that stumpify my legs every time), but these are wedges (which, in fact, is not a style that I've ever really...worn), so they won't stumpify. These booties make me want to make up wonderful autumn outfits that feature green and tweed and pencil skirts. These booties make me want to be a better teacher simply for the clothes that I would wear with them. I can't stop typing the word "booties" and now I can't stop saying it in my head. Gross.

Not gross? They're Toms, so buying them would make me feel marginally less guilty about spending money. And my parents have reminded me that they owe me a birthday present. 

Decisions, decisions...

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Quick earring fix

My husband and I decided to go on a date tonight. Before last month, we hadn't had a date night since long before the baby was born. Now, of course, one of the lovely things about being in Greece is that we have at least two eager baby-sitters who all but shove us out the door when we even start to make mention that we might want some alone time. Ahhh, grandparents. We went on a date last month, a little before Baby Boots' baptism; it was the first (of so far two) Athenian outing I had: a nice dinner on the top of Mount Lycabettus. Tonight we went to "downtown" Sparta for dinner out. My husband wanted some alone time with me. I wanted to wear my new earrings. Date night!

I also wore my new shorts, but I won't be showcasing those because I'm not sure where my camera is. Also, I didn't style them perfectly, so I need to work on that a little. I will say, though, that after about five minutes of me bitching that I felt "weird and uncomfortable wearing shorts and my thighs are too big and are you sure I look okay" I forgot all about how infrequently I wear shorts and was comfy as hell all night. Well, you'll see them soon, I'm sure.

In the meantime...

watching TV in the background

... now THEM'S earrings! I adore them. Despite their length, they're light and wonderful. I have the feeling that they'll be worn a lot at work. And once Baby Boots gets over her urge to grab anything within reach.

Speaking of which, our date was cut short because, when we called the house to check in on her, my dad-in-law told us that she had eaten well but seemed a little restless. We made the executive decision to go home instead of getting dessert and came home to a wailing, unhappy baby who wanted her mom. 

I'm not sure if we'll ever go on a date again.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Birthday loot, 31st edition

Greetings from Sparta! It's currently 108 degrees and we have no A/C here. Both the baby and I are doing GREAT, let me tell you...

As some of you may or may not know, August 6th (yesterday) is my birthday and yesterday I turned 31. Woo! Let this be the year that no one mistakes me for a student at work!

Since July kind of sucked for both my husband and me (deadlines to be met, no outings to be had, etc., etc.), my husband decided to make my birthday SPECTACULAR. And, boy, did he deliver.

First, he drove me into Sparta for some shopping. He first indulged my impulse purchase of shiny hairpins...

... then we went into my favorite jewelry store and I picked out a suitable birthday present...

 ... and then he surprised me by picking up the tab for a pair of shorts that I desperately needed (I don't tend to wear shorts and I hadn't bought any since...2002? 2003? I don't even know)...

All of these will be delayed gratification, though, as my hair is still a little too short to stick a decorative hairpin into (although, by God, I will try); the earrings need to be taken out when Baby Boots is not in the vicinity; and the shorts popped a button while I was trying them on (I'm gonna ask my mom-in-law to sew it back on. Nope, I can't sew buttons. Shut up.). Still, totes worth it.

After a short rest, we went here...

... for a trip to the beach with Baby Boots and then a late dinner by the water. I ate this:

... It was delicious. After a late candle-blowing ceremony on homemade flan, the day ended. It was one of the best birthdays ever! I can't wait to show you the results of the shopping. Also, I went shopping last week in Athens. I have two words for you: harem pants.

Stay cool!