Friday, September 3, 2010

Boots breaks resolution: no one shocked!

The other day, I read about how La Historiadora de la Moda went shopping at TJ Maxx. I promptly forgot all about my resolution to shop less for clothes and fell in love with her belt. Now, having gone to TJ Maxx only once in my life and having one about ten minutes' walk from my home, I went yesterday in order to copy her and find a similar belt and see if they were selling dresses that would cost less than groceries. I did find the same belt that she did, but in maroon: I loved it, but they didn't have it in my size. Good thing, too, because I would've hesitated in buying this:

That is a Calvin Klein dress for which I paid $49.99. As soon as I saw it on the rack, I grabbed it in order to try it on because Calvin Klein, for some reason, is very flattering on my body. I love his bras (TMI!) and I love the purple dress I already own. I was also attracted by the exposed zipper at the pockets (see above) and at the back:

Mmmm. When I tried it on, I gasped. Although it might not look like that on the hanger, the fit is pure retro: the top/bodice is super-fitted and the skirt is flared, hitting right above the knees (shocking for me!). I feel like Zooey Deschanel in it. And, hey, let's be honest - isn't that why I try to channel?

I didn't even feel bad about shopping. It was a treat that I could afford, in a color that I gravitate to a lot that happens to look good on me, and it's a well-made dress that can be worn year-round. I think that it will look adorable with black stockings and a bright shoe. Maybe even with the new boots? I'm not a huge fan of primary-color-terrorism, but I think that the cuteness of all the elements will transcend the risk of being called Froot Loops (this really happened to my best friend on the streets of Harlem, while she was wearing, I believe, a red dress, yellow shoes, and a green coat).

Anyway, I have a manuscript to get back to and a curled-up cat lying on my desk to attend to...

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