Sunday, September 26, 2010

How I wore it: super-hero date night! Or, how Fate kicked my butt

Last week, upon coming home from our delightful barbecue, my husband and I spontaneously decided to make yesterday (Saturday) our date night. Since we're young, in love, busy, living together, and not rolling in dough, we don't really do dates. We tried last year when we were both working full-time, but it degenerated into falling asleep in front of the TV on Friday nights.

Anyway, we'd seen the ad for 'The Girl who Played with Fire' at a local movie theatre, which was timely, because we'd just watched 'The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo' the night before (I've read all of the Stieg Larsson books, he's read none, but loved the movie. I was watching it for the second time, so, yeah, I liked it, too). Great. We were so ready to go on a date. We decided that we'd go to the movies and order pizza from a local-ish place that has gluten-free pizza dough and delivers. All week, we'd keep randomly bursting out with "I can't wait till date night!"

So with such a big build-up, I had to figure out something awesome to wear, right? Totally. I knew that I wanted my yellow Fluevogs to be part of the date night. They're bright, noteworthy, colorful, and totally appropriate for a movie theatre overrun by cool Arlington/Cambridge locals. Since I'd had such luck wearing them with a colorful dress the first time, I thought it would be nice to be all brightly-colored this time, too. I started realizing that I wanted to dress like a super-hero.

On Friday night, I started planning the event. I found out, to my dismay, that the theatre had stopped playing the Swedish movie the night before. BOOOOOOOOO. Fine, we thought, disappointedly, we'll just catch it On Demand some night and go see 'The Town' - we wanted to see that, too, and a lot of it was filmed in our former neighborhood in Boston. Okay. Minor misstep.

... Then came Saturday morning. It was 79 degrees when I woke up. I spent some hours in the afternoon with some friends and former students at the place I used to work (it was their yearly sports day) and while we were out, it got up to 87 degrees. When I came home, I was covered in sweat (and so was my dress!). When 5:30 rolled around, the temperature was still in the 80s.

Okay, so no boots. Fine. BOOO. But it's okay, because I own slightly less bright yellowish flats! I can still wear my super-hero outfit! So I did:

POW! For this outfit, I wanted clean, almost exaggerated, lines and lots of geometry. I wore a busy top with lots of black circles, my simple (and ridiculously wrinkled) red skirt, and my grey leather belt (for the first time! I have definition of waist! I wish it were a teensy bit longer, but I love it and am so excited to wear it out more). Nothing left to the imagination, exaggerated silhouette: KABOOM! I wore something chunky on each wrist to kind of simulate cool Power Cuffs, like something that Wonder Woman would wear.

I posed like Wonder Woman. I wistfully wondered if the ladies at In Professorial Fashion would like me.   [Side note: I've finally gotten around to reading their blog and I love it and you should read it too and it makes me want to get back into hard-core academia. Sigh.]

Back to my outfit: wouldn't the boots have been better? Oh, well. I wore my yellow flats for yet another pop, this time of color, rather than of shape. I wore my very cool black geometric earrings that I've worn a million times, yet never highlighted here:

Cool, right? They're made of ebony and were gift from a friend of mine who was visiting another friend of ours who lived in Senegal at the time. I love them because they're so basic in shape and color, yet manage to be totally noticeable at the same time. You can imagine that they go with almost everything I wear.

All right. Back to date night. I was ready to roll for bank robberies and gluten-free pizza. We saw the movie. We decided to be geniuses and call the pizza place from the theatre so that it would come to our home only minutes after we got there. They informed us that the deliverers' cars broke down, so there was no delivery: BO - wait, couldn't we go get it? We sure could, we were informed. So then I started ordering: THEY WEREN'T SERVING GLUTEN-FREE PIZZA THAT NIGHT. BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. That was what I had most wanted out of date night!

So we started walking home glumly. We walked by a Greek restaurant that has won a bunch of awards and, though I was in no mood (originally) for Greek food, we went inside (I poutily) and ate. And ate. And ate. Okay, so that part was good.

So the long and the short of it? I had a lovely evening, although I didn't get to wear the shoes I wanted, didn't get to see the movie I wanted, and didn't get to eat the dinner I wanted. No real lesson, here, folks. Sometimes Fate wants to kick you in the ass. You gotta roll with the punches.

The date ended quite traditionally, too. We fell asleep in front of the TV. Ah, young love.

Black earrings: gift from Senegal
Polka-dot tube top: Express, remixed
Grey leather belt: gift (giveaway prize!) from the Elizabeth Kelly store
Red skirt: Dickie's, from a boutique in Philadelphia, remixed
Mustard-y flats: Nine West by way of DSW, remixed


  1. who has gluten free pizza that delivers?!

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  3. For safety I've never said where I live or work on my keep that on the dl ;)
    Stone hearth is a favorite of ours. Kick ass cupcakes too.

  4. Oops, sorry! I'll delete it right now. I've never had the Stone Hearth cupcakes: I'll try to check them out next time!

  5. Oh no worries! Thank you :) Stone hearth has pizza no cupcakes (but they have gf brownies and cookies) but at Davis square there are gluten free cupcakes at Kickass cupcakes. They are sooooooooo good. Intact you reminded me I need to place my bday order! Mini gf lemon with white chocolate frosting with candied Ginger!

  6. Yay! We're planning to explore Davis soon, so I'll be sure to look into this. Mmm, cupcakes...