Thursday, September 23, 2010

How I wore it: back to work

Guys, I missed you all so much! My last post was on Monday - it also happened to be the last day I wore real clothes and make-up. Thank God for having to leave the house for money [tutoring] today! But putting on make-up, lord - I was practically poking myself in the eye with my eyeliner today. Maybe there was something to be said for having to dress up like a lady every day last school year...

I really wanted to wear my new boots today. I had originally planned to wear a dress today, but, as you know, my body's been going through some changes since my early/mid-twenties and, frankly, the dress I had in mind made me look pregnant. I'm not dwelling on it, though.

Yup, out of my head.

So I went with the tried-and-true tunic-tucked-into-skirt look. No looking pregnant with that, but I could've used a little waist-definition. The skirt, for some reason, is a little big on me and everything sort of just ... fell on me. Unfortunately, the skirt's belt loops are too small to accommodate my two belts. Yes, I only own two belts. So no defining of the waist, alas.

Whatever... I'm wearing my new boots!

And very happy I am with them, too! I didn't walk too much in them, but I did do some hard-core grocery-shopping, so that should count for something. I was comfortable the whole time, although I will admit to some foot-pinching by the end. I really think it's because, frankly, I'm not used to wearing slim, enclosed shoes yet. I was wearing sandals all summer, letting all my toes hang loose, turning my foot into a camel's hoof. With wearing slim-cut boots, my poor toes are all cramped, forgetting that this is the norm rather than the exception. I'm sure the next time I wear (the new) boots, I'll feel fine.

Anyway, this was a very neutrals-heavy outfit: I really wanted the boots to be the center of attention and I think I did a good job with that.

What would my choral director (not to mention my mother!) say about my posture here?! 

Grey tunic: American Apparel, remixed
Beige skirt: Gap outlet, remixed
Champagne boots: Steve by Steve Madden
Big green earrings: H&M