Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Neutrals with a pop of color

Last day of August, eh? I'm usually all for the summer staying around forever, but I have to admit - now that I'm not working - I won't mind cooler temperatures: I want to wear my boots! Oh and my Fluevog yellow boots arrived today, a couple of hours ago, and they're awesome. I can't wait to trot them out.

Anyway...today I decided to go all out with the matchy-matchy and match my outfit to my bag: both the neutrals and the color. As you all have realized, I'm a big fan of the black + turquoise color combo. So today I decided to have those be the only colors on my body. I knew I'd have to include my sandals...but what about the bag? Do I actually own a bag that has both black and turquoise?

The answer is yes:

Meet my only other John Fluevog object. This was my husband's present to me last Christmas. I heart this bag, y'all: it looks kind of like an old-fashioned doctor's bag, with the shiny black leather, but it has those gorgeous little stitching details and, of course, the turquoise zipper.

The inside is also very pretty:

Turquoise also!! The bag fits a lot of stuff, although, alas not my laptop (which was the main reason for which we bought it) - on the bright side, though, I took it to work extremely often since Christmas and it fit all of my files and folders, even when I was bringing home all of my classes' folders on Fridays and before holidays.

Since I'd missed this bag, I knew I wanted to wear it, with the sandals, and the rest of the color combo, and an idea was born:

So I put on some old black clothes, slugged on some turquoise jewelry, and went with an "all-in-black with a pop of turquoise" look (what?! That's a thing, isn't it?).

                                                   (me + how I wear my bag)

I matched divinely to myself. I also color-coordinated with this young lady:

Meet Amalía! The newest member of our household is a pretty fashionable girl, also rocking the neutrals (black, white) with a pop of color (yellow eyes). I've wanted a cat for over twenty years; my husband and I wanted to adopt since we got engaged; we went into Boston's Animal Rescue League on Sunday "just to look" and we fell in love with this girl and brought her home today. Pretty girl, huh?

I hope she enjoys posing artistically. She's definitely got the chops for it.

Black + turquoise bag: John Fluevog
Black tank: H&M, remixed
Black skirt: H&M
Turquoise sandals: Nine West Athens, remixed
Turquoise pendant: Macy's, remixed
Turquoise earrings: Banana Republic, remixed
Cat: MINE!

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  1. What an adorable, beautiful cat. And such a lovely background for her!

    I heart your Fluevog bag too! Swoon!