Monday, September 20, 2010

How I wore it: la honte

Hey, all!

Two outfit posts today, as I have one from yesterday and one from today! Isn't not working grand? It's easy to say now, at night, watching TV after spending HOURS poring over a manuscript. LEISURE!

Anyway, yesterday I went to an outdoor barbecue to celebrate a dear friend's upcoming 30th birthday. We went to high school together and she ended up in the Boston area before I did, so she's someone I was happy to reconnect with when we got here. Aaaaaaanyway. The weather was pretty nice yesterday, so I wanted to look nice. Ish. I had plans of what to wear, but, as always happens when you're running late on a Sunday afternoon, it didn't go so well. So I jammed on a safe choice. Oh, well:

Black and red, whoop-dee-doo. I have to admit something, guys. I had a really bad body day yesterday morning. You know what I mean? When the stars and the hormones and the constant eating of Reese's Pieces don't align properly and you kind of feel like a lard? I mean, hypothetically? And then you put on a skirt that's tight anyway and all the shirts you want to wear with it look funky? And then you just feel awful about yourself so you put on a t-shirt that isn't too flattering anyway and you feel like ass for the rest of the day and you feel like your ass can be seen from space? Yeah, that's how I felt yesterday until I got to the party and was distracted by hamburgers and cute babies.

Of course, once I saw myself soberly in a mirror and saw my picture later, I saw that I don't look as bad as I feared. It's always good to remember that: even if you feel like you mysteriously might have gained ten pounds straight to your thighs, that's... probably not the case. Anyway... it was not pleasant, how I felt yesterday, but I got over it in a more timely manner than I tend to. Am I...learning something from taking outfit shots of myself? Huh.

So today, after the gym and much manuscript perusal later, I decided to, um, go out. I had decided last night that I was going to try on the boots that I got a crush on on Saturday. So I wanted to make sure that  I was wearing an outfit that I liked so that the boots would shine in the best possible light. Here's how I looked pre-boot-checking out:

Meet my living room! Anyway, although the weather was lovely, I wanted to wear some sort of boot-like contraption, so I went with my grey Aldo booties.

... Aaaaaaaand here's how I looked when I came home:

Oh, shame! So, yes, I bought the boots with my husband's debit card (and transferred $30 into his account because I'm super honest). To be quite honest, I still dithered in the store, but I decided to go for it. Seeing them on in the photograph, I like them way more than before. So I'm very happy with my purchase, although I'm having a lot of guilt.

So I've come to a decision: I'm officially putting myself on a shopping ban. I will be avoiding clothes and frivolous book purchases (hey, libraries) for the near future: shall we say till Thanksgiving at least? My tutoring money will be used for groceries. My credit card will only be used for Amalía-related expenses and, if those aren't too hefty, music purchases.

All right? I pinky-swear!

Do we have a deal?

Sunday's outfit 
Black t-shirt: H&M, remixed
Red skirt: Dickie's brand, from Guacamole, a store in Philadelphia
Buffalo plaid flats: American Eagle from Payless

Monday's outfit
Black dress: Gap, remixed
Polka-dot modesty top: Express, remixed
Grey booties: Aldo, remixed
[New boots: Steven by Steve Madden]

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