Sunday, March 7, 2010

Purple and turquoise and mocs, oh, my!

This has been an amazing weekend: our offer for the condo was accepted and...well, it looks like we'll be homeowners at some point soon. Today is also my husband's and my fourth anniversary as a couple. We're pretty happy that we found a place on the same weekend as our anniversary weekend. Anyways, this morning, we hung out and were pretty low-key before I had to dress up to the nines for tonight's celebrations (hypothetically, a premier of my husband's new piece...):

Look! No skinny jeans and no boots! I wanted a kind of blank canvas with basics in order to wear my turquoise jewelry in order to pair it with my new ring, an anniversary gift from my husband:

Look at that big guy! I'm very happy to have a new piece to add to my turquoise arsenal: I plan to wear even more of a blank canvas tomorrow for work in order to show off the turquoise some more. There's no audience like high school girls.

Later, I had to change into something semi-fancy for my husband's concert. So I shimmied into my newish party dress (I've only worn it once before), my party shoes, and got ready to look pretty:

Yes, those are polka-dot shoes. Here's a desk shot:

Look how bored I am! All the jewelry I'm wearing, apart from the watch, are gifts from my husband. It's an anniversary, after all!

I thought I could take the opportunity to show off one of my scarves -- since my dress is purple and my coat is grey, this kind of ties it all together pretty well:

And there we are! No pithy commentary today, folks: it's a Sunday night and I have to be up in slightly over six hours. I'M OUT!

First outfit:

Silver headband: JCrew
White t-shirt: H & M
Jeans: Gap
Moccasins: Minnetonka, via Lord and Taylor

Second outfit:

Purple dress: Calvin Klein, via Macy's
Stockings: CVS
Polka-dot shoes: Nine West

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