Sunday, April 4, 2010

How I wore it: Easter Weekend edition

So it's been a week since I posted and I'm sorry about that. It was the first week back to work after spring break and it was kind of tough to get back into a normal groove. Plus, this weekend was a big one for me: it was Easter, not just in the Western Christian tradition, but also in the Greek Orthodox Church. And maybe y'all don't know, but Greek Easter is a big deal: we went to church on Good Friday evening and on Saturday evening for midnight mass and hosted people and cooked and were awesome.

This is what I wore yesterday evening, complete with contacts!

This is the same dress I wore on my four-year anniversary. But what a difference a month makes! I'm rocking my bangs and no stockings and ... wait for it -- HIGH HEELS.

I don't really do heels. I like boots, as you all know. And for nice shoes, I prefer flats. But I can barely toddle in heels. I totter around like a baby foal. I bought these shoes last year for a fancy consulate party and I've worn them about once since then. I decided to fight the good fight last night, though, and wear them to church: I figured since I'd not only gotten married but also had dancing lessons in spindly, spangled high heel sandals, I could handle Easter mass in these puppies. The other thing I like about them? They're black and grey -- my favorite neutrals!

(And I have to admit something: as much as my feet ached last night, I totally felt pretty and long-legged and slim with them on. I guess there's something to be said for heels!)

Today we cooked more food and hosted some family. Since the weather was totally summery, I went with one of my favorite semi-casual summer sundresses:

Simple and easy. Didn't even change into real shoes.

I wore the same necklace from Friday through today: my baptismal cross. I got baptized into the Greek Orthodox Church this summer and my godmother gifted me this cross as a baptismal gift: it was from a jewelry store in Sparta -- it matches earrings that my father-in-law got me from the same store as a New Years 2009 present:

You can barely see the cross here, but the hanging vine pattern of the gold earrings is pretty, no? And the awesome green-finger-inducing "turquoise" ring is pretty key.

Anyway, it was a nice weekend to dress up in dresses i couldn't wear to work without panty hose! Not very conducive to a productive work week ahead, though.

Happy holidays! How did you spend your spring holiday?

Saturday night:
Purple dress: Calvin Klein via Macy's, remixed
Patent leather shoes: Impo (?), via DSW

Blue dress: Ann Tayler
Flip flops: Urban Outfitter

Cross and earrings from both days: jewelry store in Sparta

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