Sunday, September 19, 2010

Get thee behind me, Steve Madden!

So, guys, I have a problem. A stupid problem. But a problem, nonetheless. Once I bought my grey Frye boots, I decided that I had reached the Holy Grail of boot needs. A really good pair of tall boots in grey leather were the last boots I needed. And for six months, that proved true. Then I fell in love with my yellow Fluevogs and here we are, but that's kind of different, no? Anyway... let's list the boots that I own:
  • black leather boots with a small heel: these are my "fancy" boots that I can wear with office clothes and whatnot [not caught on the blog yet]
  • brown suede boots with a fringe: fun! Don't really have a niche yet [not caught on the blog yet]
  • blue leather Fryes: you know them well
  • grey slouchy suede boots: love 'em dearly, but they're not much longer for this earth
  • dark grey Aldo booties: still hate that word
  • the Greek boots: adore them still, love everything about them (this is key)
  • yellow Fluevogs: mmmmmmmm...
  • grey Fryes: probably my favorites?
So there you are. Those are eight pairs of boots that I own and rotate pretty often. Eight. I only have, like, four pairs of serviceable flats. One pair of heels. Eight pairs of boots, people. That's...a lot. So what's my problem? 

I want more. 

Yesterday my husband and I went for a walk and we happened to enter a clothes store that specializes in boots. I fell in love with a pair of Steve Madden boots that I've yearned for for a couple of years now.

photo from

So I developed a crush in two seconds flat, tried them on, was okay, but not mind-blowing, you know? But I also didn't really like my outfit so maybe it wasn't working with the colors? Anyway, my husband very logically pointed out that they were great, but they weren't special, and, plus, didn't I already have a pair of boots in that exact same color [the Athenian ones]? I do, yes, but I liked that these were tall. Anyway, I wasn't totally convinced, and for $130, I need to be totally convinced. So I left them in the store.

Now I have non-buyer's remorse. This is a phenomenon that always hits me. I try something on that I like a lot (but don't love) and I leave it in the store and then I proceed to obsess about it for days. So guess what happened today. 

Anyway, I had finally convinced myself that I didn't need new boots. Plus, trying not to shop for clothes, remember? I have books and a cat to take care of! Then today my husband made a ridiculous statement. He informed me that at our Greek wedding, I was standing on his right. I reminded him that I had been standing on his left. He scoffed, laughed in my face, and bet me $100 that I was wrong. Now, my friends, I only bet when I'm absolutely sure, so I took that bet. 

Here's the result of that bet:

You probably can't see that clearly, but the person in the bridal gown is clearly standing on the left of the groom (the person on my left has grey hair and is not my husband). So there you go. 

Now my husband owes me $100. And I could use those $100 to buy me boots. And they would then only cost me $30. And I don't need to be totally convinced for $30.

So...what do I do? 

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