Thursday, October 21, 2010

How I wore it: she works hard for the money

Let me tell you the truth, people, I did not want to go out tutoring this afternoon. The weather was raw and rainy (with eerie patches of sun) and cool and my husband was home for the day and...and...and... But, an obligation is an obligation, so I obligingly put on my non-comfy clothes (by which I mean anything other than my fleece bathrobe) and went out into the world to speak some Spanish with a small child.

Yup, I'm wearing the Steve Madden boots again. What can I do?! I love them so much! And they go well with all colors! Everything else on me was black, in case you couldn't tell from the crapalicious photo. I wanted to wear my seashell necklace, as I had promised my tutee that I would, due to us reading some horrible story about fairies and caracolas. I usually wear this necklace with black, so the rest of the outfit sort of made itself. I honestly can't believe it's been so long since I officially posted this particular dress, which I wore so often while I worked. It's hard to tell, but I'm wearing those patterned tights I like so much and my modesty top is all lacy at the top - I wanted a dash of ethereal with the outfit and I achieved it with lace and patterns.

As I said, it was pretty cool out today, especially on my way back, so I bundled up:

I want to go through the rest of my life exactly like that. EXACTLY. That sweater is super-comfy, y'all.

Striped cardigan: Banana Republic, remixed
Black dress: Gap, remixed
Black modesty top: gift from my parents from Switzerland
Black patterned tights: Gap, remixed
Boots: Steve Madden, remixed

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