Monday, October 4, 2010

How I wore it: an evening of entertaining

Last night, my husband (his back's still hurting, people, and he went to work today. Dumbass.) and I invited a few of my husband's students/friends over for dinner. We wanted to cook and do something nice for them, but because of the back, we ended up ordering pizza (don't judge) and I baked a gluten-free pineapple upside-down cake. And it was delicious.

Since we were just staying in our apartment and drinking wine like civilized human beings, I really wanted too bust out the Fluevogs again. I've been doing a lot of Steve Madden boot-highlighting, since they're my newest pair, but come on, now! I own yellow boots! I stalked them all the way from Sparta! They still hold a very important place in my heart!

I wanted to look vaguely autumnal, so I paired the yellow boots with a very dark green jersey dress:

Because of my awesomeness and skill in photography, the colors are so wacky that you can barely tell that the dress is green, right? Well it is. A very dark forest green, to boot.

I...don't really like this dress on me. I bought it during the same shopping trip in which I bought my cranberry jersey dress. I think I was drunk on the possibility of owning two new comfy, jersey dresses in one sweep. And while I still love the other dress (despite its special shape), this one? Eh, not so much. It has the double trouble of empire waist plus those fluttery bat sleeves. It's just awkward. I really wear it very rarely. And you can imagine what a pain in the ass it is to stuff under a traditional cardigan. Anyway, last year it was a lifesaver because of having to wear a dress every day, but now? I think that, with little convincing, it could pretty safely land on any "to give" pile I might ever make one day.

I continue to adore my yellow boots, though. One of our guests, a twenty-one-year-old male college student from the South, complimented me on them as soon as he walked in the door: "Those are pretty outstanding boots!"

... my husband has a good crop of kids.

Green dress (no, really!): Gap
Olive modesty top: Express, remixed?
Yellow boots: Fluevog, remixed

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