Monday, October 18, 2010

How I wore it: a [shortened] evening of Culture

Tonight, after a long day of working (after an extremely satisfying run), I met my husband at his place of work in order to see these guys perform nearby. Unfortunately, we missed the first piece, since my husband's work day ended just as the concert began. Then, he was so tired and hungry and ill-feeling that we just left during intermission. So we just saw one piece. And it was Bartok - who isn't my fave. Oh, well.

I had planned this outfit in advance, but I liked how effortless it came out:

Don't mind Amalía's emory board

So there you go: drape-y, colorful jersey dress; bright tights; a bright modesty top; and my new "favorite" (don't tell the others!) boots. I have to admit, I'm really starting to feel my bright yellow tights. I used to feel they were a little too much, but now that I have the tall Steve Madden boots, I'm liking them more and more as a flash of complementary color with (so far) colorful dresses. Next step: yellow tights with the tweed shorts again? We'll see...

People, look how long my hair is getting! This is huge for me. My hair was only slightly longer in October of 2004, right before I cut it all off (for reals: I had Mia Farrow short hair for over two years). I've been growing it out, with just one major setback, since June of 2006. I don't have any plans for it at the moment: I'm enjoying having super-long hair again and, of course, I still love my bangs. Anyway, back to now - I'm wearing it down, too! I rarely do that, as I like having my messy bun: I feel that I look a little messy and childish when I wear my hair down. But I wanted a change, so I decided to go long tonight. I think I was traumatized by my parents when I had my hair long before, who were always telling me to make it look nice and neat and put it up and who hated it when I wore it down (I was, um 22/23) I just gotta put it up!

Anyway, that's it on my end, y'all. Despite the fact that I didn't hear the pieces I particularly wanted to hear, it was nice to put on a dress and tights (and BOOTS) and meet my husband downtown for a real date. It might've been cut short, but it was a pleasant change for a Monday night.

Crimson dress: Gap, remixed
Print modesty top [underneath]: Express
Yellow tights: Gap, remixed
Champagne boots: Steve by Steve Madden, remixed


  1. The pattern of the modesty top (love it - that's what I call them, too!) looks like a gorgeous and intricate necklace every time I look at the images. It also reminds me of a stomacher you'd see inserted into Colonial-era dresses.

    And the round plate/picture? on the wall looks like a thought bubble. Perfect.

  2. Ha! "Dreaming of Xylocastro..."! [They're decorative plates, from a small vacation town in the Peloponnese where my uncle-in-law has a home.]

    I like the comparison to a stomacher: I would've never thought of it myself, but now that you said it, I can see it too!

  3. I love the yellow tights and boots with the red dress! Monday night dates rock!