Sunday, October 10, 2010

How I wore it: Date Night with a dash of Lennon

Yesterday, as has become our charming Saturday custom, was Date Night/Day. My husband isn't working on any new projects till November, so we have weekends in October to ourselves. Plus, tomorrow is a holiday for him, so there's no stressing out today for him, either. Yesterday also happened to be John Lennon's birthday (he would've turned 70). Now I don't mention it much (I might not have mentioned it at all), but I'm a huge Beatles fanatic. Huge. Like, not even kidding. George Harrison is one of my personal heroes in life and I may or may not have become an Indologist because of his influence over me. Dammit, Beatles! Anyway, yes, I adore the Beatles and I celebrate Beatles birthdays. It's a thing. Anyways, yesterday being John's, I was happy to infuse Date Night with a little more meaning - naturally, I didn't really bring that up with my husband, but John knew. He knew why I was wearing fancy clothes.

So this is what I wore for our dinner out to a fancy Argentine restaurant in the vicinity! My husband had never eaten Argentine food, so I was eager to introduce him to something near and dear to my heart. Of course this means that in the future I have to fight him for blood sausage, but whatevs...

I put on my still-beloved red Calvin Klein dress and decided to go all Froot Loops with my legwear: bright yellow tights. They weren't that obvious, though, because of the height of my Steve Madden boots. Not much to say about this outfit: I felt lovely in it, to be quite frank. And I love the combo of red and yellow: I've always liked a nice primary color punch!

I wore my flower hair thingy last night, too, and I might've actually gotten an okay picture of it:

Okay, you can kind of see the black rose petals in that messy mass of a bun.

The weather is finally legitimately cold (okay, cool) now. I was actually freezing when we left the restaurant on our way home. I again wore my corduroy blazer and even had the foresight to add a scarf to the mix (that nicely tied in some of my colors of the evening):

Fun, no?

So this is what I've learned this weekend: as excited as I am for boot season to return, I need to remember how to wear jackets and coats again. DAMMIT!

Multicolored scarf: Urban Outfitters, remixed
Green corduroy blazer: Gap, remixed
Red dress: Calvin Klein by way of TJMaxx, remixed
Yellow tights: Gap, remixed
Boots: Steve by Steve Madden, remixed

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