Tuesday, October 5, 2010

How I wore it: overdressed and nowhere to go

As I sent a translation off to my advisor last week, this means that the next project, for the next few eternities months, is to just, well, write. I'm not planning on having my dissertation on Sanskrit poetry be the latest word in methodology and theory - it's mostly a translation and semi-critical edition - but I do, y'know, have to give background information on what I'm doing. So that's what's in store for me for the near future. Writing, writing, writing. Oh, academia.

Anyway, as you can imagine, this also means that I ... am not really wearing clothes worthy of capturing for posterity. However, I am trying to stay comfortable and avoid wearing PJs during the day so that it looks as if I made some sort of effort in my appearance.

This is where leggings come in handy. I decided to go a little nuts today and wear a brightly colored tunic that I'm often hesitant to wear out of the house due to the fact that there are few places where a one-shouldered top is appropriate:

I'm looking down because I have no make-up on my face and smiling like a goober because my cat was lying right in front of me while this picture was being taken. Anyway, yeah, so this tunic. I saw it on the internet from Greece last summer and, as soon as we were home in Boston, bought it as well as one in dark blue. I like these tunics because they're made of very thick jersey material. One gripe that I often have with American Apparel (apart from, y'know, a lot of issues with its owner, due to which I promised myself I wouldn't shop there anymore) is that many of their clothes (at least all the tunics of theirs - and I have about seven - that aren't the one-shouldered jobs...or the long polos, to be honest) are made of very thin material. I've ripped a seam in one of my tops and generally they leave little to the imagination which is awkward when one is no longer at the exact place, bodily, as one was when one was twenty-four. Hypothetically. But anyway, this tunic (and its blue counterpart) are nice and structured, making me feel more held together and less, y'know, spillage-y all over the place.

That being said, I've been supremely comfortable all day. I also feel as if this outfit could transition to a cool night out event, if I ever were to go to one of those (seriously, people, my social life right now is my cat and "Arrested Development," which actually isn't all that bad). Just glam up the make-up, pull on some sexy boots (I have a few pairs...) and hit the town!

Well, now I need to go out and find someone with whom to hit the town. Who won't be embarrassed by my one-shouldered Lady Liberty tunic (I was this close to posing with a torch and tablet in my hands). Shouldn't be too hard...

Pink tunic: American Apparel
Grey leggings: Gap, remixed
Flip-flips: Urban Outfitters, remixed


  1. I LOVE that tunic!! It's so formfitting and beautiful. Feel free to come to Chicago and all us bloggers will take you out and not be one bit embarrassed of that fantastic top.

  2. Thanks! I have worn it out once, to hang out with colleagues on a weekend (with a modesty cardigan) and I wore its blue counterpart for a night of vigorous Greek dancing out, so...maybe I just need to man up. Now excuse me while I look up tickets to Chicago. :-)