Friday, October 22, 2010

How I wore it: bussin' [and not in the kissin' sense]

People! Thanks to the magic of the internet, wireless, and Bolt Bus, I'm actually posting this from a bus. Are your minds blown yet? Whoooooah. Look, I can prove it:

Blurry, unflattering, and vaguely sketched-out looking? Yup, I'm on a bus, all right.

So, surprise! I'm on a trip! I decided a while back that I needed to go home to NYC for some familial errand-running and also for a research holiday. The big disadvantage of not really being a student grounded anywhere is that I don't have a home library to call my own. Fortunately, the New York Public Library has, y'know, some stuff, so I thought I'd go home in order to take advantage of the NYPL's mad reading room skillz. Also, have I mentioned? My parents live about ten minutes away from the library. On foot.


Anyway, another thing I need to do while home is to bring a crapload of stuff from NY back to New England. So I have a big, mostly empty suitcase with me that will probably be full of clothes and books on my return trip to MA next week. Because of all of this, I decided to pack lightly and in neutrals: I'm only taking my grey jeans and have packed only black and white tops [let me remind you that I still have clothes in my parents' closet, so I'm not as gross as you just thought I was]. We'll see how this goes for me; in the meantime, here's my travel outfit:

See? Grey jeans, black shirt, and - I forgot to mention it - my beloved grey Fryes. I'm actually digging this outfit way more than I thought I would and I hope that it leads to my mom saying nice things to me about my appearance, which can be pretty hit-or-miss in our household.

Because I'm being so "boring" with my color choices, I've packed fun jewelry: colorful earrings, ostentatious rings, and my blingy Esprit watch:

Hmmm - my magical wireless internet seems to be crapping out when I try to upload this (last!) picture... More later?

Okay, it's hours later and I'm in my parents' home in NYC, safe and sound. Okay, so I was saying. I packed colorful and visible accessories to offset my neutral clothes. You can see the watch below:

Black, grey, and white - can you really go wrong with mixing and matching neutrals? I have to admit - it's also really nice to wear pants again: I think I'd worn a skirt every day this week except for today. Yay for an all-jeans trip!

Because of being at home with all my "old" clothes, I'm hoping to have some fun things planned the next few days: stay tuned!

Black shirt: bought in Tony's, a boutique in Old City Philadelphia, remixed
Grey jeans: Bulldog by Urban Outfitters, remixed
Grey boots: Frye (Paige Huaraches), by way of, remixed
White watch: Esprit, gift from godmother, remixed


  1. Oy I feel ya I think my family is physically incapable of saying something nice about my appearance.

    Have a great trip!

  2. Thank you! So far so good, and breaking about even: my dad told me mushily how nice I looked and my mom told me that my bangs looked good ("Way better than the last time we saw you."). So...positive all around!