Wednesday, October 6, 2010

What's in my bag?

So today happens to be the birthday of fabulous blogger Hillary. You might've noticed that I have her link up on my list of blogs where I spend way too much time. I've been a big fan of hers for some years now: if you haven't read her blog, you're totally missing out: she's funny, has a fantastic sense of style, and has some seriously awesome make-up. Well, for her birthday, she's asked her readers to tell us what's in our bags. So here goes...

This is the last bag I took out (Saturday was the last day I actually left the house with a real purse and not, say, a gym bag):

This is one of my favorite bags: it's from the Gap and made of genuine leather. It's comfy, chic, and big enough to fit my laptop. It has a few pockets inside and a handy outside pocket. What I usually take with me in my purse are:

  1. my red Moleskine notebook. I'm not a creative person who needs to chronicle her hopes and dreams in a fashionable Moleskine, but I fell in love with this red one and I use it for notes on the go, not to mention library call numbers. Hey, it's even had a snippet of poetry in it!
  2. my pink Filofax. I've been hauling a Filofax around with a huge weekly calendar / all my addresses / note paper, etc. since I was in high school. My husband bought me this pink one in April of 2009 in order to make me feel better about my Orthodox conversion (he needs to bribe me every time I go near a church)
  3. my leather wallet. From Argentina, a gift from my mom
  4. my green cell phone
  5. my keys
  6. my pink Estée Lauder make-up bag which always holds: lip balm, my green eyeliner, a mirror, a small brush, a comb, and concealer from 1999 which I've not used in a "concealer emergency" since about 1999 (high school) and not since, but that I can't bring myself to throw out. It also holds emergency painkillers
Depending on whether or not I'm schlepping across town and/or going somewhere where I'll need to wait, my bag also sometimes holds these:

My iPod if I'll be walking a lot (I like to walk to music) and a book if I'll be taking a long subway ride or will need to go somewhere with lots of waiting (doctor's office, jury duty, DMV, etc...).

Although I didn't show it, this particular purse always has a pen in it. And now that I tutor regularly, I make sure to always pack a pen if I'm not toting this bag. Depending on the outing, this bag also may hold my camera. And lots of odds and ends: old receipts, bits of paper, etc.

And that's my bag! What's in yours? Happy birthday, Hillary!


  1. Oh dude I love a girl who knows the awesomeness of pink leather! I don't know why but it makes me gooey. Thank you so much for posting!

  2. I didn't realize how much I loved pink leather until a few weeks ago, when I pulled my pink make-up bag out of my pink purse and my pink Filofax fell out. Oops. :-) Happy birthday again!