Saturday, October 23, 2010

How I wore it: mom has good taste

One of the reasons I was glad to come back to my childhood home this time (apart from research, parental spoiling, yummy treats, and parental criticism) was because I knew something cool was waiting for me. My mother, an inveterate classy, preppy dresser, bought herself a cool sweater-vest from Brooks Brothers. When my parents came to visit me in MA last month, she brought hers with her and asked if I wanted one too. I did. I was very excited to get acquainted with it when I arrived in New York and actually planned outfits around it. Well, I wore it today for the first time over a black t-shirt:

Since I wore the exact same jeans and boots as in my last outfit, you only get a half-view

What I like about the sweater-vest (can't there be a better name for this article of clothing than that?) is that it's got a neat-o v-neck (and buttons!) and it's long. Since I have a smallish waist and big hips, when I wear skinny jeans, I like to cover my bum so that I don't inadvertently flash innocent victims. What I can do with this sweater (-vest) is that I can wear it over any top - even if it's not bum-covering! - and it automatically covers what I want it to cover! I originally told my mom to buy a camel-colored one, but I'm glad I changed my mind and went with black: it goes more with my palette, n'est-ce pas? 

Because my colors were so subdued (black and grey! Shocker!), I decided to go for funky, showy jewelry - dangly earrings and a shiny ring!

Fun times. 

Anyway, another fun thing about my parents' house is discovering old (and semi-old) treasures that I'm supposed to take back to my "real" home. I'm hoping to get some snaps tomorrow and show you all the cool things that will be returning home to Cambridge!

Black sweater-vest: Brooks Brothers, gift from mother
Black t-shirt: H&M, remixed
Ruby ring: gift from husband, jewelry store in Hamburg
Sparkly earrings: gift from mother-in-law

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