Saturday, October 30, 2010

How I wore it: Date Night plus one!

While I was in New York, one of my bestest friends (a colleague from the first school I taught at) and I couldn't get together, but as she was coming to Boston for this weekend, we decided to meet up tonight, with my husband, for dinner. See? Date Night with another person! Yay!

I decided to wear nice clothes:

I've owned these red pants for over seven years, and to my mind they're the very definition of "fancy-pants." Tight red pants! Come on! They're the first pair of pants that I ever bought that were actually, like, tight. Like, "I need to really think about my underwear choices when I wear these" tight, y'know? Have I said too much? Anyway, I almost always pair them with a black top and I didn't do anything different tonight. I did, however, very much like the addition of my new grey studded flats.

I also liked eating out at P.F. Chang's for gluten-free "Chinese:"

See how much?

Oh, PS: these flats are officially kinda uncomfortable. I'm lowering their grade to a √-. They're still awful cute, though.

Anyways, not much else to tell. We had a lovely evening, saw a bunch of young folk in Halloween costumes, and are planning to curl up in front of the TV to continue our "Arrested Development" marathon. Blissful Saturday night? I'm lookin' at you...

Black top: Tony's, a boutique in Old City Philly, remixed
Red pants: Gap outlet
Grey flats: Adi Shoes courtesy of CSN Stores, remixed

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