Saturday, October 2, 2010

How I wore it: a lady who lunches

My husband finished a huge project this week and has promised me that weekends will be more normal and less work-oriented. And we decided to have, instead of Date Night, Date Day today. We were going to go into the city and do some shopping and rock out. I was very excited (and also because the weather was cooler) and even decided to wear my contact lenses, as if it were a special occasion!

However, my poor husband's bad back (he was diagnosed with a herniated disc almost three years ago and the pain flares up every once in a while) was acting up, so we went into the city, had lunch, and had to come straight home in order to collapse him onto the couch, where is now, and where he's been for the past four hours. Poor baby.

While I'm sad that I didn't do the things I wanted (to be honest, the big plan of the day was to buy a comforter - GLAMOROUS), I still liked the outfit that I wore, that I'd planned all week. It's autumn-ish! Time for winter shorts and boots!

(anyone know how to make my shots not look so grainy?)

I have to admit, it's still weird to put on tights on days that I'm not doing anything particularly special. Since stockings were part of my dress code last year, I've sort of unconsciously labeled them "work clothes" and it was a bit of a mental struggle to put on a pair today. I could've also put them on a little straighter, no? Anyway, nothing too special about the outfit: I really wanted to showcase my newest boots again. With my tweed shorts the all-black rest of my outfit, I think my mission was accomplished. 

Check me out, vamping like it's my job!

(Don't come between a girl and her P.F. Chang's)

The one advantage I think that my contacts have over my glasses is, that on beautifully sunny days like today, I can wear sunglasses! I used to own prescription sunglasses, but they were dorky (I chose them when I was, like, thirteen and I kind of hated them immediately), so I've basically gotten used to squinting a whole lot. However, on a sunny day, it's fun to be like a normal person and wear actual sunglasses:

Yeah-hah! After years, and a very successful track record, of buying colorful sunglasses on the streets of New York, I finally invested in "real" sunglasses in the summer of 2007, after my second trip to Greece (and my engagement, by the way!). I think I figured that it was finally time to splurge on a pair that actually protected my eyes if I was going to be spending a lot of time in my then-fianc√©'s home (insanely bright and sunny) country. So I bought these big guys. The brand is Andrea Jovine? I'm not familiar with her apart from my sunglasses, but apparently she's done some stuff. I think I would buy a slightly different model if I had money to buy fancy designer sunglasses again - the Jackie O. look doesn't quite work with me - but for the moment I'm happy with my sunnies. I feel like an international woman of mystery whenever I wear them. 

And with that, I'm outta here to tend more to my poor, invalid husband. Let's hope he feels better tomorrow!

Black tank top: H&M, remixed
Tweed shorts: Gap, remixed
Black patterned tights: Gap, remixed?
Charcoal cardigan: Gap
Boots: Steve by Steve Madden, remixed
Sunglasses: Andrea Jovine, bought in Bloomingdale's

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