Monday, April 12, 2010

How I wore it: ow

So I've had a headache for a little over twenty-four hours. It threatened to turn into a migraine, but didn't. It's just a dull ache. I've had Peter Griffin's "I'm a tumor" ditty stuck in my head all day. And I think I just got a paper cut on my tongue from an envelope. Look how sad I look! PITY ME!!

I was really happy with my outfit today, though. I've worn this dress super-often to work in. I bought it a couple of years ago, as it's a perfect dress to wear with boots as a fifth-year graduate student [which is what I was when I bought it]. At work, though, where I can't wear boots, I've tended to wear it in only one way: with a black or olive tank underneath (what my best friend calls my "modesty tops"), grey-ish tights, the same shoes, and gold jewelry. And it works like a charm. I always feel pretty in this dress.

However, the weather is getting nicer and my "usual" accessory choices seemed boring, so I decided to lighten it up by putting on nude hose, a white lacy modesty top, and pearls.

Sidebar to talk about my pearl jewelry: the tiny, delicate earrings, and the honking big necklace (with its super-fancy clasp!) were gifts from my paternal grandparents upon my birth. They thought that I would have my ears pierced at birth, like any good South American girl. My mother, despite being Argentine, thinks that this is a barbaric practice, so I didn't have my ears pierced till I was fifteen. These were the earrings I wore when getting them pierced. They're very small and I tend to go for a little bigger these days, but I do love wearing them, especially with the dramatic pearl necklace (which I, as you can see, wear looped most of the time). I didn't have much of a relationship with my paternal grandparents: I lived in New York, they lived in Santiago (de Chile); my grandfather died when I was eight or so and my grandmother a few years ago after many years of senility -- I hadn't interacted with her in at least a decade before that. Because of all these elements, it's nice to feel a connection to these people who were connected to me and who sent newborn me jewelry.

And, let's be honest: they're also stunning pieces.

Anyway, I was very happy with my outfit renewal. I felt more spring-like and, more importantly, I was glad not to be in my usual rut with this dress: after all, I wore it last on Good Friday [April 2nd], which was only ten days ago. It's almost like getting a new outfit!

Cranberry dress: Gap
Modesty tank: gift from Switzerland from my parents
Nude hose: L'eggs, via CVS
Mustard-y flats: Nine West, by way of DSW, remixed
Pearl jewelry: gift from my late grandparents in Chile

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