Thursday, January 6, 2011

How I wore it: it's all in the mind, y'know

[So yesterday Blogger and I had a slight issue with posting, so y'all will probably get two posts today. Lucky!]

I wasn't gonna leave the house yesterday, apart from the gym. I didn't even expect to post. Although I did have a dream on Tuesday night/Wednesday morning that I magically finally found the Frye boots of my dreams, readily available.

Are they not glorious? I still kick myself for not buying them on Election Night 2008. Anyway, ever since I read Sal's article on how to shop on eBay, I have saved a search for these boots and maybe one day they'll be mine. I thought, after my dream yesterday morning, that perhaps there'd be some luck in the eBay department, but apparently not. Let's keep our fingers crossed, though! 

So, yeah, I imagined that yesterday I would write a wittily airy post about how sick I am that I even dream of Frye boots (um, Frye? Any chance that you'll ever make that style ever again?) and then spend the whole day merrily working on my dissertation.  

However, due to my husband's wish to go running in lieu of the gym yesterday, I found myself needing to leave the house for a quick jaunt to Porter Square in order to buy presents (today is el día de los reyes, which means I maniacally fill my husband's shoes with gifts). Do you ever get the ghost of an outfit in your head and you think "YES! I'm gonna look so boss in this! I need to wear it immediately!" Well, that's what happened to me. On Tuesday night, a very simple outfit came to mind, and - despite rather cold temperatures yesterday - I couldn't wait to wear it:

(Also, between sweater tights, long jersey cotton, and boots, I was actually okay in the cold) This outfit isn't that revolutionary: I mean, I've tried to make this exact same maxi dress more seasonally relevant a couple of times already, in more elaborate ways even, so I don't know why my brain immediately glommed on to the idea of simply throwing a winter cardigan over the dress, wearing caramel-colored boots, and calling it a day, but it did. Fortunately, it was one of those outfits that, when taken out of the realm of the purely imaginary, did look almost as awesome as it did in my head. What do you all think?

Anyway, in other news, I didn't spend that much time on my dissertation yesterday, but I started and, hey, that's better than nothing. I also squared away my transportation to and lodging in Philly for the research trip I'm taking later this month. Exciting things!

Crimson sweater: gift from mom, via Lord and Taylor, remixed
Striped maxi dress: Gap, remixed
Boots: gift from husband, via a shoe store on Ermou Street, Athens, remixed


  1. Yes, you were right, fab.

    From the dream dictionary, regarding dreams about boots: "To wear new boots, you might be lucky in your dealings."

  2. LOVE that dress and it's perfect all winterized.

    "Do you ever get the ghost of an outfit in your head and you think "YES! I'm gonna look so boss in this! I need to wear it immediately!"

    YES. I so do!

  3. Thanks, ladies!

    So, Cynthia, does this mean...that my eBay search for my dream boots is a vicious circle? (Thanks for commenting, btw! I'm a fan of your blog!)

  4. It totally works- the maxi and the cardigan.
    Most ghost outfits rarely work this well.
    I hope you have good luck finding the boots on eBay!

  5. Thanks, Rad! Let's just all keep our fingers crossed, shall we?

  6. Oh, I've been following for a while but sometimes it just takes me a while to bust out a comment.

    I think it's just dreaming about the boots that brings the luck, not actually wearing the boots.

  7. (Yay! Thank you!) dreaming about the boots brings luck, maybe so that I can FIND the same boots in my size at a cheap-o price? I like it! :)