Sunday, January 2, 2011

How I wore it: bruised and tired

I'm not actually bruised - since I wore black and blue today, I wanted to make a stupid pun. I am, however, exhausted. I am not helped by the fact that we're expecting six or seven people over tonight for another mini-party and dinner. Although I had hoped that today would be my day of rest after four full days of hosting/seeing family, it wasn't to be. So I get to host and clean up another party. Yay. [Can we tell I'm a bit grouchy about this?]

Anyway, I had to get up at "dawn" this morning to go out and tutor my French students. Since I cancelled Monday's class due to the snowstorm, we decided to meet up today instead. I pulled on something nice and easy, as there was a chance we'd go parading down Newbury Street to show it off to my mother-in-law, but that wasn't in the cards (it was rainy and she seems to have caught a bad cold from the aforementioned snowstorm). I liked the look so much, though, that I didn't change out of it and I plan to stay dressed like this for dinner tonight:

Boo, distorted colors! On my camera, the colors looked fine, as they did when I cropped/edited the photo on my computer. But up here, both my (dark blue) jeggings and my (sapphire blue) boots look rather black. Booooo! 

The real star of this outfit, though, is that simple, yet so luxurious, sea-colored scarf. It was a holiday gift from the family of six-year-old to whom I teach Spanish. I got it this past Tuesday, so this is my first time really wearing it (I wore it for about five seconds last week, too, but that doesn't count). I didn't expect anything from them, let alone such a pretty scarf that's just so me! I love the color, shape, and texture, and I love the classy touch it added to a basic and pretty casual outfit. Nothing says class like a fancy scarf and blue motorcycle-esque boots. 

Oh, fun jeggings fun-fact. Today, after mentally preparing myself to put them on, and saying a few OMs in the process, I went out to the dining room to hang out with my husband and mother-in-law. My mom-in-law took one look at my outfit and said, "Bootsie, are those stretch jeans? GENIUS!" I love shining the jeggings light to novices. Jeggings for all! 

All right, people. We're expecting guests in twenty minutes, so I need to get pretty (powdering my face = instant prettiness: isn't that the way it works?). Over and out!

Black shirt: Tony's, a boutique in Old City Philadelphia, remixed
Blue jeggings: HUE by way of Lord and Taylors, remixed
Blue boots: Frye Veronica Slouches, by way of, remixed
Scarf: gift from students' parents


  1. You look just great. Wouldn't it be wonderful if all students gave their teachers such beautiful scarves. Your MIL's comment gives me courage to break out my jeggings. DH is very proud to have given them to me...but I'm a bit reluctant to wear them!

  2. What a gorgeous scarf! Love it. Jeggings are genius. Despite the name. Maybe we could call them Leans? I dunno. Hope your dinner was ok :)

  3. Thanks, ladies! I have to admit, I'm solidly on the jeggings train despite my hatred of the name. Allison, I like "leans" a lot. I might have to upgrade to that name...