Saturday, January 29, 2011

Heureux qui, comme Ulysse, a fait un beau voyage...

Did I never tell you that I'm into old French poetry?

Anyway, hi. I'm back in New England after six beautiful days in Philadelphia. I was surprised by how not emotional I was while in my former town, but that all fell apart on my ride to the airport. I teared up a few times. Anyway... yay. Boston.

So since now the idea of having potentially new hair is kind of taking over my brain (dissertation? What dissertation?), I've been looking up hairstyles on the internet. And the other day I was Googling something like "short haircut bangs" to see if I could actually regain a pixie cut with the way my hair is now. And I came upon a cute photo:

Behold Katie Holmes in all her cute glory. (Never was a 'Dawson's Creek' fan. Not a Tom Cruise fan. She leaves me cold, but sometimes she has super-cute hair. Remember that short bob with the blunt bangs? Mrreowr.) Now, before I was saying that I wanted to go super-short the way I was in the past, but this is pretty cute, huh? And it doesn't get rid of bangs, it looks like!

So, yes, that's what I've been occupying my mind with. And reuniting with my husband. And snorgling my kitty. 

Happy weekend!


  1. I vote yay. If you don't like this version, you can always go even shorter later.

  2. You could always start with the cute bob, and go from there? I also like short hair cuts, as I think it can look pretty edgy. Katie Holmes' s hair is probably the most interesting thing about her.

  3. Yeah, Cynthia, that's what I'm thinking. It's like a good transitioning cut.

    Rad, I totally agree with respect to Katie Holmes. Poor thing.

  4. Hm...I do like this too. It just seems that it would grow out very quickly and it would need to be cut every 4 weeks. But I don't really know anything about short hair. So what are you thinking about for glasses?

  5. I'm with Rad! I do like the short cut and I think it would be really sweet and edgy at the same time on you, but I'm worried it might be a bit too much of a shock! A bob could be the middle step...

    (I've regretted going too short too soon before, can you tell?)

  6. Miss B, you present a good point. Maintenance on short hair is a bitch and I don't have a household of Scientologist hairdressers to keep me well-shorn.

    Erin, the good news is that since I USED to have such short hair, I don't so much have the fear that I might've had if I'd never cut my hair short before. Plus, my hair grows crazy fast.

    On the other hand, my husband loved the haircut on Katie, but he's worried that my head is smaller than hers and the haircut might not look so good on me. He ended that concern with "But what do I know anyway?" So... there you go?

  7. I do like this haircut! And I think you could definitely carry it off.

  8. I love that your husband pondered your head size! I say go for it; if it's not what you wanted, there's still room to play around later.

  9. Thanks, Terri! I'm really bad at visualizing myself with haircuts. When I got my bangs last year, I made one of my art-teacher colleagues visualize it on me.

    And Katie, I love that my husband has an OPINION on my head size! Who knew?