Sunday, January 30, 2011

How I wore it: unexpected outing

Today I planned to stay home and revel in my own familiar surroundings for the first time in a week. However, it was brought to my attention that we had almost no food, so we had to go out for a short walk and pantry-replenishing (and Haribos!). In order to do that, I had to get dressed. Well, hey:

As I said some time ago, I don't want to make this space about my recent weight loss and new, healthier, eating habits. However, this morning I suddenly realized that I am at about the exact same weight as I was in my senior year of college/ beginning of graduate school, when I was at my smallest.

What does this mean? 

It means that I ventured to put on pants that I don't think I've worn since I still lived in Philadelphia, which was until May of 2008. And, what do you know - they fit. Now these pants' muddy neutral tones might not be suitable for the dead of winter, I actually bought them in early 2004 (January, I think), so I associate them with cold weather. I've always liked them - my severely unsuitable ex even called them "bitchin'." So I knew they must be cool. I like the pattern - 

- which another unsuitable boy compared to curtains. And, more importantly, I was pretty psyched to put them on again. With black accents and caramel-colored boots. Since these pants have a range of neutral colors (and patterns!), I can pretty much pair them with any other major neutral, as I did today. 

I also did some semi-crazy pattern-mixing with wearing a hairband with black polka-dots. 

Crazy! ... Sometimes life just doesn't go as planned, eh?

Hairband: Gap, remixed
Black top: H&M, remixed
White tee (underneath): H&M, remixed
Pants: Gap
Boots: gift from husband, from Athens' Ermou Street, remixed


  1. I like the headband and the pants! Could you still do the headband thing with short hair? Amazing to be at your high school weight! I'm five pounds over...

  2. Terri, I actually bought these headbands when my hair was short so that I could add some visual interest. As you can probably see, I rarely use them, but every once in a while...why not?

  3. Love the headband! You should wear them more often!

  4. Thanks, everyone! Dimi - I always want to wear headbands more often, but the combo of headband + glasses can sometimes be tough. And most of the times, the hairband goes sliding back on my head. But I do love the look!

  5. Another fan of that headband here!

    My problem is that right now even after losing weight things still seem to have shifted so that I don't quite fit into the things that I could wear at this weight previously - or they fit but not in as flattering a way.

  6. Those are very fun pants and I'm digging the headband :)

  7. I love this!! The pattern on those pants is fantastic.

    At some point, when I was at a slightly larger size, I purged my closet and got rid of all the smallest things, in an effort to be non-hoardy. Now, however, many of my pants and shirts are just a tad too large, and I feel frumpy and unflattering when wearing them.

  8. LHdM, I feel your pain. There's still a lot of stuff that fits ... oddly, mostly because my legs/butt have become more muscular from running. Yaaaay.

    Thanks, Allison!

    Clare, I have the opposite thing. I hang on to my small clothes in a state of denial, all "I fit into these ten years ago! Why won't they fit now?!" So I'm glad to have some clothes that I haven't been able to wear in some time.