Thursday, December 2, 2010

How I wore it: maximizing my options (HAHAHAHAHA)

It's December 2nd, people! 23 days until I get to wear my red Frye boots!

Anyway, today I had a rather odd day. I accompanied my husband to his own morning doctor's appointment (to the same doctor), and when the doctor saw me in the waiting room, he told me about a slight abnormality in my blood work (nothing scary) and ordered the nurse to take more blood from me. I'm usually quite prone to fainting while getting blood drawn, and - while I didn't today - I definitely felt a little woozy and my husband told me that I shouldn't go running afterwards, as we'd planned, so I've felt kind of odd and out of sorts all day.

Was that a lot of useless info? I'm sorry.

So after a morning like that, you can imagine how little I wanted to leave the house this afternoon to tutor my student, who is already a little ... difficult? I cheered myself up by wearing an outfit I'd had planned for days:

I'd originally planned this look slightly differently. I wanted to wear the black shirt under the maxi dress, not over it (I was inspired by Emily - isn't her look ADORABLE?); I also wanted to wear my grey studded flats. Anyway, the cold weather made me decide to wear the booties instead. As for the shirt conundrum, when I tried the outfit on as planned, the battling necklines of the dress and the shirt were upsetting me, so I decided to wear the dress as a skirt and the shirt over it. Looking back on it, I'm glad I made that decision, especially because the straps of the dress are visible. Last year, my bestest work colleague would work within the constraints of our dress code and her budget by wearing a sexy wine-colored halter-dress. She got around the revealing neckline by wearing a black top over it, much like mine. What I most liked, though, was that you could still see the tie at the back of her neck - I thought it looked really neat.

So I copied her. I really don't think my six-year-old student cared.

"Oh, me? I'm just casually leaning on the wall by my closet. I always stand sassily like this at home."

But I felt foxy! Also, I liked being able to wear what became such a summer stable in December just by adding the appropriate ingredients [see what I did with the title of this post? See?!]. 

(Also, do you notice my new, smoldering eyes? Maybe there's something to be said for black eyeliner!)

Well, folks, it's Thursday night. That's right. Time for me to become one with Tina Fey et al.

Black top: H&M, remixed
Striped maxi dress: Gap, remixed
Grey booties: Aldo, remixed


  1. "Was that a lot of useless info? I'm sorry."

    Not at all! I myself have to be drugged before blood can be drawn I am absolutely terrified of it. It's not normal. At all.

    And this looks stunning. You look like 8 feet tall.

  2. Awww, thanks so much!

    Yeah, the nurse the other day asked me if it was a fear of needles/blood and I really had no other explanation than, "I'm just kind of a random fainter sometimes."