Friday, January 28, 2011

Philadelphia freedom

(I lo-o-o-o-ove you!)

People, I've been a derelict blogger. I've not been taking any photos of me in an artistic academic setting, the way I thought I would. I've barely been reading blogs, let alone commenting. It's because I've been too busy enjoying the crap out of my research vacation in Philly. Today was the bittersweetest day: I spoke on the phone to two dear professors of mine, I got a card giving me the title of "Visiting Scholar" (for library privileges), I bought university paraphernalia, I hugged my bookstore-owner best friend for five full minutes... It was a lovely week.

But, within each silver lining, there is a cloud. And that cloud is grey and soft. Like my suede boots:

Oh, my grey suede slouchy boots. You were the second pair of fun boots I ever owned and my first pair of grey boots - the Holy Grail, if you will, of my shoe quest. You were comfortable and stylish. You were warm. You transformed me into one of the coolest middle-school Spanish teachers ever, and you made me feel like a fashionista the first time I paired you with black skinny jeans and a grey top. 

But, grey suede slouchy boots, it is time to say good-bye. I don't care that you're scuffed and stained. I can live with that. But you have zero arch support. And your soles have cracked irreparably. I have nine other pairs of boots. It's time to say good-bye. 

You'll be missed.

RIP, buddies. 


  1. I'm selling a pair of grey suede boots on EBay right now, getting rid of grey boots must be in the air.

    9 pairs of boots. I don't think I can compete :)

  2. Ah! I hate throwing away shoes! It always feels sort of sad, even if I'm replacing them with an identical pair (which I've done 2-3 times). XD

  3. "Visiting scholar"--that's got a nice ring to it. Sad about parting with the cool boots, but teachers need arch support!

  4. I loved the transition there...very nice.

    Poor boots, but they, like you, need to go on to bigger and better things.

  5. Yeah, I'm sad about the boots, but maybe it IS time to turn my attention to greater pursuits...

  6. Your research trip sounds exquisite, despite the sad demise of the soft grey cloud. "Visiting Scholar" indeed! So much of what I enjoy about academia is, it seems, wrapped up in the excellent ways we describe ourselves - and require others to describe us. And, of course, our important, important research.

    Also, don't worry C&B: we're all picturing you in artistic academic settings engaging what we all know are very smart conversations and wearing one or another of your other excellent pairs of boots.

  7. Well, yes, A-Dubs, that was exactly what I was doing on my research trip. Smart conversations and wrangling toddlers (my hosts have two kids).

    I love the title, although it's totally illegitimate. My friend doctored up the paperwork and I got a new card and library privileges out of it! Sweet!