Monday, January 10, 2011

How I wore it: inexcusable?

Hello, all! Today I had a dentist appointment scheduled and so I left the shelter of my house and braved the windy streets of Boston only to have someone come at my mouth with a sharp instrument. Yay! Because of my compelling need to have strange doctors think that I'm a respectable citizen (especially if they're wielding the aforementioned sharp instruments), I decided to dress classily. I may have ruined the whole thing, though:

Although you can't tell, these oddly flared pants (they were marketed as wide-legged, but I don't think that's a viable categorization) are actually pinstriped, not solid grey. I'm a sucker for pinstripes, so I was happy to pull on these pants; they are also the exact same pants that I couldn't fit into almost two months ago. So I was super-happy when I was pulled them on again, because I like showing my clothes who's boss. And I didn't give up delicious gummi candy (I fell off the wagon yesterday, though) for the results not to show, dammit.

However, um, there's one problem with these pants. THEY'RE TOO DAMN SHORT. I know, right? I mean, I tried to mitigate the craziness of this by wearing my tall black boots underneath them, but I think I made it worse, with the flared leg flapping merrily in the breeze AT MY ANKLE. When I bought these pants, I shopped pretty regularly at the Gap and I noticed that their regular-length pants were usually too long on me (as you know, I rarely wear heels), so I started actively looking for ankle-length. But I'm also five-eight, y'know? So that might not have been the best strategy.

That being said, what's the solution? These trousers are certainly in good shape still, so I'm not gonna toss them or donate them - I still love 'em! And I would never have really noticed a problem if it weren't for my constant perusal of fashion blogs! I mean, a couple of years ago, when I bought these pants, I didn't really care if they didn't look "right." Now ... I'm a little embarrassed photographing and exposing them for y'all, but I still wore them (and rocked them) all day today and no one threw a snowball at my head for violating inappropriate pant-length rules, either, you see? I guess what I'm saying is - does it really matter all the time? It's just a couple of centimeters in the end. I still like the pants, and even how they look on me, even if I know I "shouldn't." Does anyone else ever get this feeling?

Anyway, the new dentist was a sweetie, but I'll need to go back next week and two weeks after that for some cavity filling. My teeth are sparkly clean, but I'm still a little sore.

Seriously, can't modern science come up with anything less medieval than a metal hook for dentists?!

Black shirt: Tony's, a boutique in Old City Philly, remixed
Pinstriped pants: Gap
Black boots: Aerosoles, remixed


  1. Okay, this *might* have made me laugh a little. At least you saved the pants from snow and sleet right? They thank you.

    I would guess that you can bring down the hem on them. Take a look at the hem line, is the bottom folded up about 2 in? That's the way most of my dress pants are, then you or a tailor can drop them down.

    Personally, I would chop them off right where they flair and make them a stange capri pant, but I'm strange like that.

    Feel better! Seeing the dentist that much is not fun at all.

  2. Good point, Miss B, good point. They MIGHT have salvageable hems, but I'm not too optimistic. We'll see...

  3. I agree with the capri, but also you could take them to the tailor and have them bring in the outer hems and wear them as straigher legged cropped pants. And wear them with some flats for a look like this:

  4. Don't cleaned teeth feel great! I've had problems with pant length too. I'm 5'8" also, but my waist and hips are pretty small for the length of the leg. So I can fit in some petite sizes. More than once I've decided in the middle of the work day that the britches are too short. It tends to reveal itself when I sit down.

  5. Rad and Miss B took my suggestions, so I'm only commenting on the photos. You know, because you look exquisite in them.

  6. I would also chop them. Why not have a gaucho-style capri to wear with boots or with heels and sandals in more foot-friendly weather?

  7. It may be too much of a drive for you, but I used to go to a dentist in Bedford and they use lasers and are awesome!!!

    I HIGHLY recommend them - the one time I had a cavity they were able to laser it out and I didn't even need Novocaine.

    I'd also chop the pants.

  8. I just discovered your blog and I will return!! I agree that you should chop them off and make them capris...the way pant lengths have changed so much..some people would be OK with this length! Hope your mouth feels better soon and that you will visit my blog as well!!

  9. Thanks for the advice, everyone! You all have really great suggestion - my one issue is that I actually really like the flare of the pants, so I don't want to chop them just yet. Since I don't wear them that often, maybe I'll consider it down the line.

    Thanks for the suggestion, Katie! I'll keep that in mind.

    And Pam, I just visited your blog and said hello. Welcome and I hope you stick around!

  10. I'm going to share a little love for the sweater, because I LOVE IT. I'm curious about laser dentistry. Canada is SO BEHIND!

  11. Allison, I know, right? Laser dentistry sounds kind of amazing. And thanks for the sweet words!

  12. I agree that you should try to shorten them. They'll lok really cute.

  13. Hi, Rebecca! Thanks for the suggestion and for stopping by! I hope you stick around too!

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