Thursday, January 6, 2011

How I wore it: hazy shade of winter

When I bought my new grey jeggings on Monday, I pretty much knew I'd wear them out for my next "important outing." Because I had my maxi-dress epiphany yesterday (and ha! It's Epiphany today!), today was really the first important outing: I had to go tutor. In my head, the outfit I put together was made up of all different shades of grey (and some black and white), with contrasting patterns of stripes between my tunic and my sweater, and looking overall awesome. I'm not sure how the final result played out:

See what I mean (arrgh, graininess!)? I finally, non-guiltily, went back to my beloved wool striped long cardigan, and it felt great to wear it again. I originally planned to wear my grey Fryes with this outfit (especially since they're a different shade of grey), but I remembered my grey suede slouchy boots and I thought they'd look better with this outfit. I like the look on a whole, but I think the Fryes would've been more flattering on my legs; see below:

See what I mean (my hunched position isn't helping either)? It's okay, though. I did quite like the overall effect anyway. Also, these boots are on their last legs and I plan to keep them throughout this winter before doing away with them: the soles are cracking quite alarmingly (and the boots themselves have almost no support). I'm hesitant about repairing them because they've had a good run (I bought them in July of 2008) and I have so many other boots of better quality that it'll be nice to maybe start simplifying things. 

On an amusing note, today in the Boston Metro paper, I read that some lady (a fashionista, perchance?) said that people would/should no longer be wearing skinny jeans or grey and black palettes. 

... Oops.

Striped cardigan: Banana Republic, remixed
Striped tunic: American Apparel, remixed
Grey jeggings: HUE, by way of Lord and Taylor
Grey boots: Penny Loves Kenny, by way of DSW


  1. I love that long cardigan. I am totally planning a stripes vs. stripes smackdown pairing for my new stripy grey one once No Repeats is over.

  2. I like the grey and black shades, no matter what some lady in the paper says. I can't decide what tickles me more: "important outing" or "maxi-dress epiphany".

  3. Yay, thanks, ladies! Cynthia, this sweater of mine gets waaaaaaay too much use, but I love it so much that I don't care.

    And Allison, I think the sad part in all this is that I considered leaving my home for slightly over 2 hours in order to tutor a six-year-old in Spanish an "important outing."

  4. "I read that some lady (a fashionista, perchance?) said that people would/should no longer be wearing skinny jeans or grey and black palettes."

    Ahahahaha. Today? I am wearing black and grey skinny jeans. So SUCK ON THAT lady!

    I love black and grey, and I love that you wear that cardigan so much. I'm a big fan of repeat wearws of favorite things.

  5. Seriously, right? Coming from the city where there's never a New Black (NYC), I can't imagine dark colors being "out..."

  6. NEVER trust the Metro Boston! Seriously, you should know better than that...

    All I've worn this winter is grey, and I ain't about to stop now! (Ugh, look. That sentiment made me so irate I used bad grammar!)

  7. I know, I know! I just read it for the crossword!!! I SHOULDN'T HAVE LOOKED!

  8. I don't think people will ever stop wearing grey and black palettes. What an odd thing to say!

    I'll join in the cardigan love here. It's cute and looks sooooo warm too!

  9. I totally agree with you - I think it's what caught my eye. And thanks for the cardigan love: I'm actually proud that I only wore it once in, like, two weeks this time.