Tuesday, January 4, 2011

How I wore it: airport dropoff

Today my mother-in-law flew back to Greece and my husband and I accompanied her to the airport, where we all got a little weepy. What can I say, we're all Mediterranean!

Because I only wore normal clothes to the airport and back, I went with an easy, comfortable look that additionally kept me warm under my heavy jacket:

What's easier than jeans, a t-shirt, and boots? Add on a sweater for seasonal appropriateness and you're set to go. Not much to say about the outfit because there's not much to it. That's how I roll.

Since my mother-in-law is gone, both my husband and I feel as if the holidays are over, despite the fact that he has almost two more weeks of vacation. He has a major project to work on for the rest of his break and I need to be reminded of what my dissertation is about. My plan for tomorrow is to start proofreading my intro and make official plans as to my upcoming trip to Philly. Today I started off the work groove (after vegging on the couch) by paying my credit card bill and changing the calendar in my Filofax. See? Now I'll be productive and ready to work!

... It's gonna get ugly tomorrow, isn't it.

Purple cardigan: gift from mom, via Lord and Taylor, remixed
David Bowie t-shirt: Gap, remixed
Black jeans: Bulldog by Urban Outfitters, remixed
Grey boots: Frye Paige Huaraches, by way of endless.com, remixed


  1. I'm digging the Bowie t! My parents head back on Thursday, which will mark the official end of the holiday season. Today was my first day back to work. It wasn't as painful as I thought it would be. But that could be the coffee talking.

  2. Ooh, congrats on surviving the first day back! That was always so hard on me last year when I was working at one of the wackiest schools around...