Saturday, February 26, 2011

How I wore it: my brain hurt like a warehouse

So, today. Not only is it the day after George Harrison's birthday and the birthday of one of my good friends, today specifically is the five-year anniversary of the day my husband and I met in person after e-mailing for some weeks (remember, we met on the internet). So I've officially known my husband for five whole years. Crazy.

Anyway, not only were we reminiscing mushily about our past, but we also hosted some family members for dinner: my big brother, my pregnant sister-in-law (I'm gonna have a nephew in July!), and my five-year-old niece. We totally ordered pizza and ate blondies for dessert. It was marvelous. I wanted to look polished, but comfortable for home. And, though I don't tend to like grey-on-grey in photos as much as I do in person...

And you see my vacuum cleaner in the foreground: glamorous!

... I couldn't resist! I thought the black cardigan (and earrings!) would help break it all up, but I gotta say: photographs don't always agree with your mental imaging. I'm looking down at the hemline of my tunic and the legs and feet below all "Yeeeeah, contrasting greys! I rock!" And then this photo just gives me "...meh." That being said, this photo is way more flattering than its thumbnail-sized counterpart.

(Hee - and I just noticed that my sweater's batwing-sleeve effect makes me look like I have T-Rex arms! Heehee!) 

Oh, well. I was comfortable and since I'm still hacking and sneezing, that's the most I could ask for.

In other news, I picked up my Ray-Bans this morning with their new lenses. Since I had forty-five minutes to make it from North Cambridge to the North End (I was called at 1:15 and told that my glasses were ready: the eye place closes at 2 on Saturdays and doesn't open again till Tuesday), I dashed out of my house without make-up and in my new blue glasses. I still love them, but ... I gotta admit: I was very self-conscious about wearing them out. I think if I were with someone (a friend, my husband), I'd be totally blasé about it, but since I was alone (AND WITHOUT EYELINER), I was very timid. I gotta get over that, especially before I wear those suckers in Athens, where female judgment can be deadly. That being said, the receptionist and helper at the counter LOVED them and told me that they looked to be of awesome quality! So I felt a lot cooler. I still wore my black ones home and throughout the rest of the day, because I might have no problem wearing blue glasses in the streets of Europe, but in front of my big brother? HELL, no.

Charcoal cardigan: Gap, remixed
Grey tunic: American Apparel, remixed
Grey jeggings: HUE, by way of Lord and Taylor, remixed
Grey boots: Paige Huaraches, by way of, remixed


  1. Very funny about wearing the glasses in front of your big brother. I feel the same way, when I get together with my family I almost never wear the styles I normally do. I play it safe and boring. I want them to have one less thing to pick on me for.

    I cannot wait to see more styling of the blue glasses! I love that you picked those out.

  2. Dude, my brother still gives me crap (last night, even!) about big red glasses that I had ... when I was EIGHT. No wonder I dress sensibly around him.

  3. The women of Athens are judgmental? Evidence?
    Pleased to hear that the blue ones have made their debut in public.

  4. I met my husband in the interwebs too. We emailed for about 6 weeks before meeting, because he was finishing a post doc overseas... ah romance.
    I love your black and grey ensemble, and am sure you will totally warm up to your sassy blue frames ;)

  5. Terri, sometimes it feels like the streets of Athens are a big catwalk and those who aren't in the know (which I never am) just get blank stares of disdain. Unlike in the States, I find that in most European countries I've gone to, there is one particular thing that's in style and if one is not wearing it, it's a deviation from the norm rather than self-expression. It also doesn't help that my little sister-in-law makes pretty judgmental comments on how (badly) EVERYONE (including my husband) dresses. I shudder to think what she says about me behind my back.

    Thanks, Allison! Your story sounds romantic. Sigh.