Wednesday, February 9, 2011

The girl with kaleidoscope eyes

Guys! After hours and hours of tracking my Warby Parker home try-ons, they finally arrived after I had despaired of them getting here today, while we were eating dinner. And watching "Arrested Development," because that's all we ever do in my home.

So, first impressions - I'm not blown away by any one frame and I'm actually wondering if I should just replace the lenses in my current Ray-Bans. I forced my napping husband to look at all the pairs and he also said that he didn't like any one frame as much as my current glasses, but that he'd also give his opinion later when he was more alert. So, with that lukewarm introduction, let's get to it! First I want to give you a base picture:

Me in my current glasses

First, because they were the most similar and I didn't think I'd like them for that same reason, I tried on the black Roosevelts:

Well, whaddaya know? I actually really like them! If they came in a dark tortoiseshell frame, this conversation would be done. When I tried them on, my husband exclaimed, "Coooooool!" These were the only frames that elicited this reaction. Thoughts?

Then, because I'd already tried on the black, I went with the light blue Roosevelts:

Not as life-changing as I'd thought, to be honest, but still fun and kind of Elton John-y (which is a good thing, in my book). I might end up buying this frame as my "fun" frame. Thoughts?

I then went with the Fillmores, since I had a feeling I wouldn't like them on:

Not as hideous as I'd anticipated, but still not an option. They're pretty in an old-school way; I kind of felt like singing "Marian the Librarian" to myself with them on.

I then went with the frame chosen by the company, the Zaggs:

Huh. I kind of like these, despite the fact that they're a little shallow. My husband had a good reaction to them as well. Thoughts?

Finally, I tried on the first contender, the Huxleys of my dreams:

I like them, but I'm underwhelmed. On the site, they looked bigger and boxier and I was surprised by how dinkily small they looked in real life. My husband didn't really have much of an opinion. I asked him if he'd like them if they were all dark tortoiseshell, like these, but he wasn't sure. Thoughts?

So there you have it, folks. Here is my wrap-up: I'm still ambivalent on the Huxleys, mostly because I'd liked them so much in pictures that I'm hesitant to say they're not an option. I would consider getting them in pure tortoiseshell - I think that would be cool, too. In pictures, I really like the Roosevelts, but I don't want to buy a frame that's so similar to my current ones, that will cost around the same amount. If there were a dark tortoiseshell, that would be the frame, but the closest they come is with this striped version, which I don't adore. The blue ones? I kind of like them for their silliness and might end up buying a pair for fun, whatever I end up doing.

So here goes, StyleNation. I need your help. I want any and all sorts of opinions. Tell me what you think! I'm dying for help, because there's a certain sleeping Greek on my couch who isn't being much help. Leave your comments NOW!

(PS - I've been invited to an all-day interview at the school I like (the one where I thought I'd bombed the interview) next week. I'll be teaching a low-level Spanish class and meeting everyone there and their mother. Yay!)


  1. Oh, exciting (interview and glasses!)
    I like the Zaggs the very best. The black Roosevelts second. Then the Huxleys. Light blue Roosevelts and Fillmores are last place for me.

  2. Yeah on the interview!
    I wasnt going to give an opinion initially because I didn't like any in the original photos. But honestly on you I really like the clear ones!! I have to be honest (only because you asked:p) I hated the photo but on they are insanely cool especially with the heavy dark bangs the zaggs. With a dress and messy hair and your boots it will be such a chic look.

    I like the huxleys too!

  3. I mean I hated them in the company photo!

  4. Oh my goodness the choices! I like the Zags, the Roosevelts and the black Roosevelts best. The blue frames are definitely fun and statement making.
    Good luck on the all day job interview!

  5. I like the Zaggs, and honestly, I like the Fillmores, too. At least in the photo they seem like a flattering shape on you. Not sure about the light blue ones -- I never liked pastel frames when I was still wearing glasses -- but if you like them that's all that matters.

  6. Yea for another interview! Good luck!

    I have another vote for the Zaggs...and as much as I was for the light blue pair they kind of look 'meh'. But the Zaggs I like because they are a little lighter but still are heavy on top. (Does that make sense?)
    Have fun choosing!

  7. You are blessed with looking great in all glasses, so you have "champagne problems!" :)
    With that said, personally, I think the zaggs are the most feminine, so they give you a different look, but they're still really nice. The Roosevelts are nice and super cool/fun in (matte?) black, but you're right, a bit similar to what you have (but I still love them on you).
    I think you should should totally try on the semi-tortoise shell versions (and maybe some more fun ones like a purple to pick up your green eyes or bright orange, because if anyone can pull that off it's you!)

  8. My favorites are the Zaggs and the Roosevelts in black. The blue is definitely fun, but I think I rather see you in red or purple frames if you're going for a color. I vote nay on the Filmores.

    Buena suerte on the interview!

  9. Yay! Great news on the interview!

    I like the black Roosevelts the best, followed by the Zaggs.

  10. congrats on the all-day interview. Sorry I missed the discussion about the specs.

  11. I guess I missed the voting too - but like many peeps, I love the Zaggs. The black Roosevelts are so similar to your current ones, so makes sense to just replace the lenses. But I rather enjoy the light blue ones... I think they could be fun times. Anyway, looking forward to seeing which ones you ended up going with!

    Congrats on the interview!!