Wednesday, February 16, 2011

How I wore it: interview (#1?)!

Hi, all! Today I spent a little over seven exhausting hours interviewing at Awesome School (Dream Job? Not sure. Most likely.); it was a whole lot of fun and a whole lot of talking about myself and a whole lot of tiring. Because my last job drilled the concept of old-fashioned professional dressing into my brain, I wore something very, very safe:

How I felt at the end of the day. Don't worry, my hair was neater at the school. Thankfully.

It's the return of the button-down! What Chalkdust always wears when dressing to impress potentially stuffy potential employers! I don't think I've ever featured this skirt on the blog before, but I've owned it since the fall of 2005. I bought it with another skirt in order to appear more professional for my undergraduate Hindi students. It's one of my faves. It has a nice swing and movement to it and never fails to lift my spirits when I wear it. 

(I also wore a cardigan over this outfit because I was cold, but it was so depressingly "harried, flustered Spanish teacher at a New England private school" that I couldn't feature it. God. No.)

You guys wanna hear the kicker? When my husband and I came home tonight, I got a call from ANOTHER school's Spanish teacher to test my skillz - and there's a chance I might interview elsewhere, too! Yay!  

Pink button-down: gift from mom via Brooks Brothers, remixed
Grey tweedy skirt: H&M
Grey stockings: Gap, remixed
Black flats: Me Too, by way of DSW, remixed

PS - I haven't really visited or commented on blogs today because of the busyness, so forgive me! 


  1. Congrats on the interviews!! I think you picked a great outfit- safe, simple, and really cute on you. The button down is never a bad way to go! And that skirt has such a nice little swing to it. I dig that. :)

  2. Well done and good luck (on this interview and any others!). I adore people who make button-downs look good, and you're one of them. I always look like a stuff sausage with a bosom the size of Brazil, but I'm taking notes from all the talents out there - definitely including you.

  3. Thanks, everyone! It looks like it went okay, but now I'm on the nail-biting phase of waiting.

    Emily, yeah, that is a fun factor of the skirt even though it's totes professionally appropriate.

    Katie, only recently have button downs been flattering on me. I also have these fancy Brooks Brothers ones forced on me by my mom, so their quality is better than, say, my H&M blouse from a few years ago...

    Keep your fingers crossed, Cynthia!

  4. Hear Hear on the cardi comment. I don't like wearing them with button downs either because I feel like I age 25 years and I have gray hair, but alas schools are cold and they are needed.
    Things seem to be looking up! Congrats on all the new happings.

  5. Thanks, Miss B! I mean, yesterday morning I could tell that the cardigan would depress me, but I really had no other option. Boo...

  6. I love the lines in this skirt! And this job hunting is exciting from my perspective.

  7. Thanks, Terri! The other thing I love about this skirt is that it has a very satisfying weight to it.

  8. I think it's smart to play it safe when interviewing! I'm sure you wowed them with your awesome self!