Saturday, February 5, 2011

How I wore it: Businesswoman's Special

Guys, is there anything more miserable than leaving for a hiring meat market at 6:30 on a Saturday morning?

Getting up at 5:30 for the privilege of doing so...

To go to ONE interview.

No, that's not true. I actually had a productive day. I had my one interview, which went well, but - unfortunately - I don't think that school would be right for me. However, I did run into my contact person from the company and she said that the guy from the school that I really liked (the one whose interview I still maintain I flubbed?) said that he'd had a really good interview with me. So all hope isn't lost! I decided to skip out early (there are only so many times you can listen to "Pou'nai ta Chronia" without singing along, public or no) and grabbed a GF snack at a Starbucks, read a little, bought a friend a birthday present, and came home to immediately change into my PJs.

This is how I looked/felt when I came home:

Fancy librarian! For today I envisioned a sleek, simple silhouette: a classic pinstriped (though you can't tell) pencil skirt and a crisp button-down, tucked in. Although you can't tell from my photo, both top and bottom have stripes. I'm firmly of the belief that a grey pinstripe is a solid neutral, so it's okay to combine it with another striped article of clothing, even if the stripes aren't the same. What do others think about this?

For fun, I decided to wear my light grey studded flats. I'm a serious teacher! But also a BADASS! Whose feet hurt. Ow. 

So although I don't feel as if my actual travelling was much needed, I was happy to hear that the school I liked is back in the running (or so I hope). It was also nice to take a good hour or so at a bookstore, have a snack, and a read a stupid book. Ahhh, Saturdays.

MUCH sassier! Too bad you can't see my shoes.

Blue button-down: gift from mom, via Brooks Brothers, remixed
Grey pinstriped pencil skirt: Banana Republic, remixed
Grey stockings: Gap, remixed
Grey flats: Adi designs by way of CSN Stores (bought for with a gift certificate from the company in exchange for a review), remixed

PS - Folks, for those of you who are anxiously awaiting news about my future glasses, never fear. I went on the Warby Parker page on Facebook and asked about the status of my sample frames. Allegedly, they'll be shipping out Monday and arriving Wednesday! Squee! 

PPS - If you're interested in WP glasses and are on Facebook, you should totally "like" their page. People post pictures of themselves trying on frames and the company gives its opinion. And makes announcements. And is awesome. 


  1. Fancy librarian indeed. Love that you added just a hint of badass with the studded flats.

  2. Familiar look :), looks great on you.

    Yea, getting up early sucks, but to do things that matter like trying to find a job (AND be nice) while getting up early is a lot to ask of one person.

    I really hope that you have something come through! Speaking of amazing mindless books, The Swan Thieves by Elizabeth Kostova is AMAZING.

  3. Thanks, Robyn! Welcome, and I hope you stick around!

    Thanks, Miss B. I'll check into that book. It's funny - everyone seemed SO GRUMPY at the conference this morning! Check-in at 7:30 on Saturday, WHAT?!

  4. I completely agree with you about the double-stripes. You look cute and professional- well done!

  5. You look so classy, but totally cool too! I love the contrast of the studded flats, and the silhouette of your pieces looks really great on you. And I LOVE your hair! I know it's just in a normal bun, but your bangs are so cute.

  6. Dang, fancy librarian totally suits you!! Your day sounds full, and productive, and somewhat random. But in a good way, I think. :)

  7. Thanks, Amy! Welcome and stay a while! Thanks for your nice words - you make me second-guess my dream to chop off all my hair! :)

    Thanks, Clare! My day was pretty random. But it definitely got good when I became one with a box of peanut-butter cups.

  8. I would definitely hire you if I know, a person who hires. You look super chic and professional without being boring and, with the hair and the glasses, quite sassy. I love when ladies can rock out the up-do and glasses with such French aplomb!

    I also agree on the pinstripes as neutral. Two pinstripe pieces combined is awesome and uber-professional.

    Fingers crossed for you and your future job success!!!

  9. Why, thank you! Next step: to get a job where you're the one hiring!

  10. Although I've never paired stripes top and bottom, like you, I tend to think of them as solids. Looking very professional.