Saturday, February 12, 2011

Dreaming of travel

Guys, I'm out of the groove. I was too lazy today and yesterday to take pictures of my outfits - plus, all you would've seen was black, grey, and more black and grey. AWESOME. I'm stressing about my interview next week and trying not to stress about that by thinking instead about my trip to Spain in a little over five weeks.

... On that note, the folks at CSN Stores - purveyors of everything from office furniture to stuffed animals (trust me, I've combed through their selection) - have offered me another gift certificate in exchange for a review and I'm very much thinking of spending it on this guy:

[picture of Pan Am Originals Explorer Bag from the CSN site]

This bag is supposed to hold everything for a weekend getaway, or perform as a decent-sized carry-on bag for an intercontinental flight. 

Plus, it's not hipster posing if you've actually flown (and gotten some of your stuff stolen while on) a Pan Am flight, am I right?

Good weekend, y'all!


  1. Wait! You're going to España?!?! A donde vas?

    In response to your comment, thank you! You know I'm on team short hair. It always grows out, and did you see how freakin' awesome Clare's hair looks in her post today?!?!

  2. YUP! Nos vamos sólo a Madrid. Pasaremos cinco noches ahí. Yaaaaay!

    Yeah, I had decided not to chop until I saw a girl with SUPER-CUTE short hair on the train the other day. I'm back to wanting to chop it off. And it does grow back and Clare indeed looked amazing. It'll happen at some point soon, I think...