Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Pippi Longstocking goes eyeglass-shopping

As you've probably heard, Boston is getting walloped with yet another snowstorm and I had to go out for my eye exam. If I wear a hat (which I need to these days), I either need to have my hair down or in some sort of style that doesn't create a bump on my crown. Enter two long braids. I looked like a goofball at my optometrist's office.

So here's the scoop. My right eye hasn't changed at all, but my left eye's prescription has shifted a bit. And my insurance doesn't cover new frames till next year. I could be all frugal and just pop out the left lens on my current Ray-Bans and replace it with a new one. OR...! I could go to Warby Parker! My eye doctor wasn't too thrilled with the concept of ordering glasses on the internet and he gave me some scary scenarios of the lens quality not being that great. I don't know. He did scare me, though. Do any Warby Parker-wearers (Vanessa?) have any opinions about the overall specs' quality? Especially for someone who wears glasses pretty much every day? The good news is that I could just get new frames from WP and have my current doctor put in the lenses, so... that's probably what I'll end up doing.

But in the meantime ... I ordered four pairs for free at-home trying on!

(And, people, you will be put to WORK when they come in!)

So here they are:

These are my top choices, the Huxleys in Tennessee Whiskey. I'm super in love with this frame and pray with all my heart that they look awesome on.

This frame, the Fillmore in Tennessee Whiskey, is the first Warby Parker frame I fell in love with. I don't think they'll suit me very well, but I want to try them on just to be sure. They're cute though, huh?

This pair, the Roosevelts in Revolver, are among the most popular frames out there from these guys. I don't really love that almost perfectly horizontal line across the top, but - as other photographs on Facebook have tempted me - I'm willing to give them a try. They're a little too similar to what I have now, though. 

Finally ... Chalkdust just wants to play, people:

I ... never thought I would even want to look at a frame in a non-traditional color, such as these Roosevelts in Bondi Blue. However ... I just want to see what they're like on. Vanessa looks so great in her tangerine glasses that I just wanna give it a try. Who knows? I might finally own a back-up pair. If I do want them (which I doubt), I'll probably just get them through the website and then compare notes. 

So... any of them look like winners right off the bat?


  1. What color are your eyes? Because if they are blue get the blue frames. Well, heck, I like the blue frames the most anyway.

  2. I am really curious to see how this works for you. I explored the possibility last September because I wanted some Oliver Peoples frames...but have yet to fill my prescription. Can't wait to see you in any of these, but especially in the blue ones...because I like Vanessa's specs too.
    P.S.--it you braid in a light-weight wire, you could make your braids stick out like Pippi's too.

  3. I wear Warby Parker glasses - I actually discovered their company via your blog (thanks!) so when I had to replace my glasses a couple of months ago after a car accident, I tried them out.

    You will need to get the frames adjusted by Lenscrafters - mine were so loose they'd slide right off of my face if I tilted even slightly downward. But the adjustments are free and there's more info about that on the WP website. But the lens quality is just fine, and I haven't had any problems with my glasses - it's a pretty solid deal.

    I am drawn toward the blue frames from your picks, but I used to wear red frames, admittedly, so bright colors are something I gravitate toward. With the red ones I would sometimes get frustrated while wearing different red tones that seemed to clash pretty hard, though...however, you wear a lot of cool tones (blue, gray, etc.) so I think you'd be pretty set as far as "matching" goes.

    I hope you find frames you love!

  4. I like the top ones the most, but wonder how that clear bottom part would look with the darker top part. My own glasses are nearly that exact shape.

    I've often toyed with coloured frames but I always end up with tortoiseshell.

  5. I like the Roosevelt in Revolver, and of course I love the Bondi Blue color!

    I had a difficult time adjusting to the prescription because it had been a LONG time since I had updated it, and it was much stronger than my old pair. But, that wasn't a problem because of the makers, it would have been the same regardless of where I got them. Some eye docs might not love losing the business and money they make on eyeglasses, but I also understand that there could be legitimate concerns about not being able to try them out first.
    So far, mine have held up really well and appear to be pretty decent quality. I mean, they're only $95, including shipping, tax, frames, etc.
    Ps thanks for the shout out!

  6. Thanks, Erin! Yay for similar glasses taste!

    Miss B, I have greeny hazel eyes. Light blue tends to look good on me, so... maybe?

    Terri, thanks for the pigtails tip! I sense a Halloween costume in the works!

    Angela, welcome! Thanks for leaving a comment and for your feedback on the glasses! I used to wear bright frames too, but I was very young and my brother still makes fun of me to this day. If the blue looks nice on me, I'm thinking of buying them as a fun back-up pair. I'm very odd about having more than one pair of glasses, but at the same time, wouldn't the light blue be fun for a summer outing or a day at the beach?!

    Thanks for the feedback, Sheila! The top ones are my favorite, mostly because I saw them on another girl in a picture and thought that the crystal/tortoise juxtaposition was very cool. But of course we'll just have to see in person, no? Before my black Ray-Bans, I had tortoiseshell and I miss that color on me.

    Hi, Vanessa! Thanks for your input! I have the feeling that my eye doc wasn't quite up to speed as to the WB brand because a lot of the things that he was worried about don't really apply to this company. We'll see!

  7. I love all of these frames and look forward to seeing how they work. I'm approaching needing to replace/ supplement my current glasses and I'm really intrigued by Warby Parker so I'll be curious to see how you like them.

  8. Yeah, it'll be an interesting process! I'm looking forward to the home try-ons appearing!

  9. Chalkdust - Thanks for the welcome! I've been reading for a few months but I suppose I hadn't spoken up yet. I apologize for my atrocious grammar in my first comment...I was trying to read blogs and comment discreetly at work and sometimes I don't get time to edit!

    Do you mean you don't like to have more than one pair? Me too. I suppose I see it as more an extension of my face than an "accessory". But it makes the whole affair quite a big decision - I'm still adjusting to my new look. So I'll also be living vicariously through you when you try your frames on and share them with us. :)

  10. PS - Last thing - you can return your glasses within 30 days of receipt even after the prescription pair has been made for a full refund if you should desire. WP is also very careful to get the pupillary distance verified with your optometrist before making the glasses. So hopefully that will alleviate some your eye doc's stress. :)

  11. Hey, Angela! Yup, I don't like having (or, to be more honest, have never had) more than one pair of glasses. I do so much soul-searching just to choose clothes and jewelry that I want my glasses to be a no-brainer. That being said, though, I'm so in love with the idea of bright blue glasses as a fun "other pair," that I might change my mind. Thanks also for the info. I got my PD from the eye doctor's office today and I really think that I might just go with WP and see how it goes. My eye doctor is too far away anyway. :) Anyway, thanks for your comments and I hope you stick around!

  12. I just recently got introduced to Warby Parker as well. And though I love their philosophy and their designs, I didn't know if my doctor would feel ok with me purchasing from them. BUT THEY'RE ONLY $95!!! I am lusting over those blue Roosevelts as well and some of the clear ones. I'll wait and see what you think about them before I purchase some!

  13. Hi, Laura! Welcome! Yeah, I'm hoping that the home try-ons will make my decision easier, both in terms of frames I like, but also in terms of reassuring me (or not) that the structure is solid.