Thursday, November 4, 2010

How I wore it: rhapsody in the raaaaaaaaaainnnn!

... So, anyone else out there a big Lou Christie fan? No? All right, then, let's move it right along.

You get a twofer today, people. Last night I was too tired from my raucous social life (hahahahaha!) to post my outfit and so it's gonna be a long post. Buckle up!

Yesterday I went into the city to return a library book, pick up some treats for the cat, and swing by my husband's office to accompany him back home. However, fate had other plans in store for us and we ended up seeing a Ligeti concert at BU.

Serious face! Anyways, I wanted to be both bundled up and very colorful, so I matched my red skirt with a navy wool top. That top, my friends, was my father's. From the 70s. He never wore it because he thought it was too tight and unmanly (I think my mom might've bought it for him) and I inherited it in the 90s. It's lived in New York for some years now, but it made the trip back with me last week. It's super-warm and very fitted, but since it's technically not my size, I don't feel self-conscious in it because it's not tight, just fitted. Love. With this outfit, I would've loved to have gone all color-blocked and worn my yellow Fluevogs, but I knew I'd be doing a fair amount of walking [and quite frankly? I haven't yet found my 'Vogs to be like walking on a cloud, the way everyone says they are, so that's why you haven't seen them on more often. I don't know if it's a question of breaking them in or just manning up...], so I went with the potentially-stumping grey booties (*ugh*) that matched my stockings.

I, um, also went shopping yesterday. Yes, I know that I pinky-swore that I wouldn't shop for unnecessary things and so far I've done quite well. My last credit card statement was laughably small. But...I broke the rules yesterday. I'd been reading good things about Hue's corduroy leggings, so I decided to check them out at Lord and Taylor's. I generally like Hue's opaque tights, so I decided to buy two pairs of leggings - one corduroy and one classic black cotton - and screw the shopping ban:

The color of the corduroy ones was called "putty" at the store. I liked that neutral shade that could go with almost anything: I once had a pair of corduroy pants that was a very similar shade, so...old habits die hard. I'm looking forward to wearing them out. So, yeah, I did break my shopping ban? But I'm not gonna beat myself up about it; I mean, I went into the store looking for those leggings and I left with them and, you know, yeah. I broke a pinky-swear, but I did it with feeling and conviction.

Also, I débuted the black leggings today and people? I'm a convert. As much as I love my Gap ones, I don't wear them out of the house that often because I bought them too big and they bag and wrinkle unflatteringly. Also, although they're usually covered by boots, the legs end at my lower calf, making me rather muscular calves look huge. These leggings go all the way down to the ankle, and, being black, there's a total slimming effect that I love. However, you can't see that cuz I wore boots cuz the weather was AWFUL today:

Not bad, right? I felt totally cool and with it on my tutoring trip today. despite the weather. I mean, I'll definitely always cover my butt (and probably wear boots) while wearing leggings out, but I just loved how comfortable I was. I think the blue Fryes also gave a nice bad-ass look to the whole thing. Anyway, I firmly believe that you can combine all shades of one color, so I had no problem mixing my sapphire boots with a turquoise tunic/jewelry. It's all in the blue range, right?

So the weather got cold and rainy and I really don't enjoy the rain. But with my trusty blue boots and oversized cardigan (not to mention a wool coat and a chunky, hand-knit cowl), I was nice and comfy. I also really really liked the proportions on this outfit:

Who knows? I may never go back to wearing pants again! Leggings for everyone!

What do you guys think? Are leggings appropriate bottom-wear? Are there stipulations (mine for example: cover the bum and maybe look into boots)? I'd love to hear!

Wednesday outfit:
Blue top: Vintage; was my dad's, from Sak's Fifth Avenue
Red skirt: Dickie's brand, from a store called Guacamole on South Street in Philly, remixed
Grey tights: Gap, remixed
Grey booties: Aldo, remixed

Thursday outfit:
Striped cardigan: Banana Republic, remixed
Turquoise tunic: American Apparel
Black leggings: Hue, by way of Lord and Taylor's
Blue boots: Frye Veronica Slouches, by way of


  1. Oooh! We're red skirt twins!

    I like leggings for casual looks, but I really don't think they are appropriate for the workplace. With a tunic and boots, they are a bit better, but I just associate them with the daily wear of my female undergraduates from October through April....

  2. Yay, skirt twins! I agree about leggings being strictly casual (that was a stipulation I missed!). Since I'm no longer constantly on a college campus, I don't get the barrage of female undergraduates wearing them, so I start thinking that it's okay for a 29-year-old to do so. I do know that, for example, my antipathy toward Ugg boots is solely due to the fact that that's ALL I SAW on my college/grad school campus from the year 2004-on.

    So...Reese's? I think we're also candy twins!