Monday, November 29, 2010

How I wore it: take a drink from his special cup

So today I had a very exciting day: my annual physical! But, since I haven't had a physical since, um, early spring of 2009 and this was my first time with my new doctor, it was kind of exciting. Just a little, though. From years of having this drilled into my head by my mother, I always feel the urge to "dress properly" for the doctor's - even if those clothes will be strewn across a chair for the majority of time I actually see the doctor. And because I wanted to mix up my palette a little bit, I decided to go something a little more conservative:

Oh, hi, Preppy Boots. I haven't seen you around in a while. This blue button-down shirt is a twin of the pink one my mother bought for me two summers ago. The shirt (and its twins) fits almost perfectly, except in one rather important way: across my, err, bosoms? I am wider of rib cage and broader of bust than I used to be, so I have some unattractive gaping and straining on the buttons of my shirts sometimes.  While you can see some strainage in the photo above, it's nothing compared to when I first put on the shirt: I eventually put on a modesty top below it and unbuttoned the button that hit at boob-line. Otherwise, you (and my doctor) would've gotten this:

And that's with me holding on to the shirt hems! Otherwise it's all Busty McChesterson up in here. Can we also take a second to discuss how HOT I am in this picture? Thanks.

While I've found it hard to define what my personal style is, wearing a collared shirt isn't always the norm for me. However, I felt kind of fun in this today. I felt a little as if I were dressing up as an adult in order to do "adult" things, such as getting blood drawn and answering questions about my medical history.

Then I came home, changed into pajama pants and a David Bowie t-shirt and proceeded to work on my dissertation, so, y'know, back to student mode. Phew.

Blue (striped) shirt: gift from mom, Brooks Brothers
Navy pants: Gap, remixed
Moccasins: Minnetonka, by way of Lord and Taylors, remixed


  1. I think you should have titled this post "Chesty and Preppy." :)

  2. Or just, as per E-Jo, "Chestal Arena".

  3. Okay, must comment again to let you know that the word verification for my previous comment was "busem". In light of this I have decided on a new word for managing chestal arena gaping. It is ... "busemination". I think it will catch on.

  4. I thought of using "chestal arena," and then I thought that I didn't have the awesome power of E-Jo to use it yet. Darn! And "busemination" might have to go down in history.

    Y'all made me laugh!